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Natural Treatment Works On Pelvic Adhesion Without Relapse

Pelvic adhesion is a common disease occurring in women  for various ages. It cannot radically be cured by mere surgeries, so the successive treatment is promptly in need. And TCM medicine provides an effective and natural treatment on the recovery of pelvic adhesion without relapse.

Pelvic adhesion refers to the adhesion exists among the tissues and organs which mainly caused by bacterial or virus infections. This disease develops from salpingitis, endometriosis and other inflammations occurring in pelvic, which may lead to a congestion, edema and increasing secretions. If left these symptoms untreated, the adhesion possibly even appears in uterus, fallopian tubes, ovary and other organs.

As important as these organs are playing key roles in female infertility process, so pelvic adhesion disease often cause infertility in women or cause fetal malformation and abortion problems. So, attention needs to be paid in the protection and recovery of pelvic.

In western medicine, surgeries are always exerted in the treatment of pelvic adhesion, like laparoscope is the popular therapy to separate the adhesive pelvic issues. However, without a radical elimination of inflammation, the pelvic patients are likely to suffer a relapse after the laparoscope surgery.

From the overall perspective, the treatment ought to direct at the root of pelvic adhesion. Many drugs as Fuyan pill and antibiotics are sharing good effects of eliminating the inflammation of pelvic organs. However, antibiotics are easily produce drug resistance, although effective in the short time therapy, cannot fit for a long-time use.


Compared to antibiotics, herbal medicine Fuyan pill  not only works to diminish inflammation and relieve pain, but also playing an important role in promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, even with no drug resistance or tolerance.

Except for pelvic adhesion, Fuyan pill could also deal with the other gynecological complications like salpingitis, endometriosis, by its anti-fibrosis and anti-calcification features, which could come in an overall treatment in women bodies.

However, both western medicine and herbal medicine are feasible to treat pelvic adhesion disease.Besides the drug treatment, other effective remedies that serving the pelvic adhesion traetment cannot be ignored, which includes increasing body nutrition, doing physical exercise, combining relax and work, releasing metal emotion and becoming confidential to your health, the above suggestions all contribute to the recovery.

In conclusion, to treat pelvic adhesion, the laparoscope surgery is not the single way. Since drug therapy and other conservative TCM therapies are viable. And each patient could choose the optimum therapy for what he wants.

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