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How to mitigate and prevent pelvic cavity accumulates fluid correctly?

 Firstly, classification:


1, the pelvic blood stasis: pelvic blood stasis syndrome is a kind of special condition caused by chronic pelvic venous blood stasis, also is one of the leading causes of chronic pelvic pain of department of gynaecology. It is more common among women at 30 to 50 years old. According to its clinical symptoms and signs, attributing to disease categories such as abdominal pain and menstrual cramps and pathogenesis mainly are blood stasis block and context is not smooth.


2, pelvic abscess: pelvic abscess is formatted by an acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation and pelvic abscess fester. The abscess can be limited to one side or both sides of the uterus and push into the pelvic cavity then cause pelvic cavity accumulates fluid.


3, pelvic heaviness: pelvic heaviness main symptoms were related to increased leucorrhea. Because of the different pathogens, there is also different colors and quantity with leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea is sticky, sometimes with blood streak or a small amount of blood, also can have contact hemorrhages. It can also be characterized by sudden onset of severe pelvic pain, accompanied by a pelvic lump, presenting there is the potential lesions. In the first trimester of pregnancy can cause acute pelvic pain, and always accompanied by the uterus and pelvic adhesion. Uterine fibroids acute grew up or degeneration also can cause acute pain.


pelvic cavity accumulates fluid


Secondly, the prevention:

1, pay attention to the personal hygiene in menstrual period, pregnancy, women health during delivery to prevent infection.


2, prevent the abuse of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Antibiotics could suppress the vaginal lactobacillus and disrupt the natural ecological balance of the vagina. Changed the environment of the vagina, pathogenic bacterial could reproduce and eventually lead to the onset of vaginal infection, then discharge inflammatory liquid that cause pelvic cavity accumulates fluid.


3, pay attention to sexual health. In the female internal genital inflammation, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease infections, sexual impurity is an important pathogenic factor. Due to some partners in sexual intercourse with the strong interest, ignoring the local health and don’t clean, it is easy to cause inflammation. Inflammation can be confined to one place, also can onset in a few parts at the same time, causing some parts in pelvic cavity accumulates fluid.


4, women should properly clean the vagina. Some women often use medicinal lotion to clean the vagina in order to keep health, but it is so easy to destroy vaginal environment balance of acid and alkaline, instead susceptible to the vaginal yeast infection. The right way is flush with water.



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