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Is there a natural cure for PID?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the infection of female reproductive system and usually is the consequence of sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia. Pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to serious complications, sometimes it can lead to infertility in severe cases. Many females should learn more about PID and learn to cure it naturally.


The complications of pelvic inflammatory disease:
1. Abscess. After the pelvic inflammatory disease begins, abscess may appear around the infected tissue in the fallopian tube or ovary.
2. Scarring and adhesions. With inflammation healing, the scarring starts to begin and the fallopian tube, ovary, uterus can become bound by the scarring, which is called adhesions. 
3. Fallopian tube blockage. Abscess, scarring and adhesion can make fallopian tube blocked and blocked fallopian tube makes it harder for sperm to meet with an egg, consequently, infertility develops.
4. An ectopic pregnancy. If the fertilized egg cannot move through the tube to the uterus and the embryo begins to grow in the tube. 
Due to the drug resistance caused by antibiotics, choosing antibiotics to treat pelvic inflammatory disease is not the best option. As for the complication of pelvic inflammatory disease such as fallopian tube blockage and hydrosalpinx, although laparoscopic surgery can effectively treat these complications and have relatively high success rate but if the inflammation is out of control after the surgery and the inflammation will irritate the pelvic again to cause fluid and adhesion. In fact, the problem in treating pelvic inflammatory disease is how to eliminate inflammation. Chinese medicine to treat pelvic inflammatory disease has great advantages. Herbal medicine or combination herbal medicine with surgery can help patients cure pelvic inflammatory disease.
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment fuyan pill:
1. principle of treatment: clearing heat for detumescence, promoting blood circulation for removing blood, invigorating spleen for eliminating dampness
2. fuyan pill’s formula features: fuyan pill has broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and can effectively kill bacteria. Fuyan pill can work powerfully to eliminate inflammation, help unblock fallopian tube, remove adhesion and hydrosalpinx. 
The natural cure fuyan pill for PID has been proved by many cases and has get the patient from Chinese State Patent Office.

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