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Pelvic effusion 19mm actually affect pregnancy?

Case study: Patient Ma, female, 32 years old, came to see a doctor because of "prepare for pregnancy for one year without success." The patient had a female birth 4 years ago and recovered well after delivery.  Two years ago, she had a spontaneous abortion 72 days after her pregnancy. She was pregnant for the second birth a year ago, but she has not been pregnant until now.




After examination, it was confirmed that there was no problem with the spouse. The result of the gynecological B-ultrasound examination was 19 mm of pelvic fluid. After the doctor comprehensively judged the patient's condition, it was confirmed that there was chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic fluid appeared, pelvic fluid accumulation caused the tubal to be unsmooth, affecting pregnancy and causing the one year of infertility.




Treatment process: based on the history of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, physicians used drugs according to their own work experience, provided treatment of antibiotics for anti-inflammatory and anti-infective, and at the same time, combine with traditional Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. For the treatment of pelvic fluid, and in the middle and late treatment period, physical therapy such as red light irradiation is used to assist the conditioning of the disease, and the pelvic fluid is reduced as soon as possible to smooth the fallopian tube.




Case Analysis: Patients in this case, although they came to see a doctor before infertility, gynecological B-ultrasound suggested the presence of pelvic fluid. After comprehensive judgment, it was determined that the pelvic fluid formed by pelvic inflammatory disease caused the fallopian tube to be unobstructed, thus causing infertility. Therefore, in the treatment, pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic fluid should be considered as the main cause of infertility.




Summary analysis: Most of the patients may not think that it looks ordinary, even the pelvic fluid that we do not care about, will actually affect pregnancy.  The patients in this case are therefore infertile and proved to be typical case.  Although the depth of pelvic fluid 19mm is theoretically pregnant, it does not necessarily lead to infertility, 19mm effusion will inevitably increase the difficulty of successful conception, even if it is successful, then the fetal period during pregnancy may not be so solid, the chance of abortion will increase. In this case, the spontaneous abortion the patient had 2 years ago did not rule out the possibility of being affected by pelvic fluid.




Tips: Pelvic effusion is a factor that can lead to infertility, so for female friends with fertility needs, too much pelvic fluid needs to be alerted and taken care of, immediate treatment is required, to get rid of the disease as soon as possible, don't Let the pelvic fluids hinder our dream of being a mother.

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