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What Can't be the food for women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) refers to inflammation of the upper genital tract and surrounding tissues of women, mainly including endometritis, Salpingitis, fallopian tube ovarian abscess, as well as pelvic peritonitis. Inflammation can be limited to one site, or several sites can be involved at the same time. The most common are salpingitis and tubal oophoritis. Pelvic inflammatory disease occurs in women with sexual activity and menstruation, it rarely occurs before menarche, after menopause or to the unmarried. If pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, it is often the spread of inflammation in adjacent organs. According to its pathogenesis and clinical manifestations, it can be divided into acute and chronic ones .

What can't be the food for these women?
Women with pelvic inflammatory disease must not eat chili, pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, white wine and other irritating foods and beverages in daily life.  You can eat more such as lean meat, chicken, cabbage, asparagus, celery, eggs, squid, turtle, spinach, tofu, kelp, cucumber, melon, mushrooms, seaweed, fruit, etc.
Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should have light drinks and digestible foods.  Such as red bean, mung bean, melon, lentils, coix seed, purslane and so on. They should eat foods with the effect of promoting blood circulation, such as peach kernel, fruit orange peel, orange kernel, orange peel, hawthorn, rose flower, kumquat and so on. Appropriately supplement protein is needed, such as lean pork, duck, goose and cockroach.
In addition, female friends with this disease should be eating the above foods, but also need to pay attention to eliminate all kinds of infections, keep the perineum clean and dry, by cleaning the vulva with water every night, in a special tub, do not wash the vagina with your hands, or use hot water, soap, etc. When the pelvic inflammatory disease is leucorrhea, the amount of vaginal discharge is thick, so it is necessary to change the underwear and not wear tight-fitting, chemical-fibered underwear. If you have symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, you should go to the hospital early to avoid delays in treatment time, which is not good for your body.
While paying attention to dietary problems, they must also accept effective treatment. At present, the natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which has cured countless patients, is one of the main formula recommended by experts. Herbal formula is safe and non-toxic, and it will not cause harmful effects on the kidneys. In the elimination of inflammation while regulating body functions, those women will regain a healthy and beautiful body.

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