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Does Pelvic Fluid Have An Effect On Pregnancy?

Pelvic fluid is caused by chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in which the inflammatory secretions fall into the uterus rectal sinus, sometimes with low-grade fever, fatigue, lack of energy, general discomfort, insomnia and other symptoms.

Scars, adhesions, and pelvic congestion due to chronic inflammation can cause lower abdominal bulge, pain, and soreness in the waist. It is often aggravated after exertion, or sexual intercourse, during defecation, and before and after menstruation.
Physiological pelvic fluid mostly occur on women after ovulation or early pregnancy, and naturally disappear most of the time, such a small amount of pelvic fluid does not affect pregnancy, nor affect the fetus.  
Pathologically gynecological pelvic effusion is mostly pelvic inflammatory disease caused or Endometriosis caused. Clinically, most women's pelvic fluid is caused by inflammation. It is an inflammatory exudate in the pelvic cavity. If it is not treated, it can grow up slowly.
If there is pelvic effusion caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, it may be inflammation of the system such as ovary and fallopian tube. It may also be caused by tuberculosis or tumor due to pelvic blood stasis. 
Patients with menstrual and vaginal discharge should be treated; when ovarian function is damaged, there may be menstrual disorders; it may also cause endometriosis and fallopian tube obstruction, these are the factors that cause infertility.
Therefore, pelvic fluids have an impact on women's pregnancy. Due to the position of pelvic fluid often occurs in the lower position of the pelvic cavity such as the uterus rectal sag, so the surgical treatment may have certain limitations, such as the hidden effusion cannot be completely cleared and eliminated. 
At this time, you can choose natural herbal medicine treatment. For example, Fuyan Pill, a pure herbal formula, can give full play to the efficacy of the medication into the genitourinary organs of the body through absorption and decomposition of the intestines, including the lower position of the hidden pelvic cavity, to clear the effusion and restore reproductive activity. 
In addition, because the pure botanical ingredients of Fuyan Pill, it contains no chemical ingredients, safe, non-toxic, and non-drug-resistant, the majority of female patients can take it with confidence and no worries.

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