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PID and Infertility Actually Relate to Occupation?

According to Dr. Lee, a TCM gynecologist who's experienced in medical practice for many years, that gynecological diseases are often caused by bad habits and environmental factors in women's daily work.

1. Sedentary job 
Keeping the sitting position for a long time will lead to stiff muscles in the lower limbs, pelvic congestion, and slower blood flow, etc., which will increase the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). 
In addition, the perineal part of the female perineal gland is more developed than male, sedentary will lead to increased temperature and humidity in the perineum, providing a good breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the incidence of vaginitis and vulvitis. 
2. Need to work day and night 
The hazards of staying up late to humans - decreased immunity, endocrine disorders, difficulty in concentration, memory loss, yellowing of the skin, darkening of acne and so on.
In fact, female medical workers, financial workers, bartenders, police officers, actors and other professions need to stay up all night, and the work is not easy, it is easy to appear "night shift syndrome."
Decreased immunity increases chances of getting sick, and endocrine disorders can lead to menstrual disorders, which can affect pregnancy.
3. Harsh working environment
Of course, the working environment here does not only refer to the real environment of work, but also the psychological environment. 
Tough real work environments—for example, garbage collection and disposal sites, some factories, and brick-and-mortar construction sites, which have a worrying working environment, and employees often need to wear thick, airtight protective clothing. 
The local temperature and humidity of the perineum will be relatively large, and it is easy to induce gynecological diseases. 
Poor psychological environment - the workplace may be filled with pressure from the boss or colleagues, easily causing emotional fluctuations. Over time, it will naturally affect the endocrine, which will induce the occurrence of gynecological diseases. 
4. Stressful work
There is a lot of work that is under tremendous pressure, such as designers, programmers, traders, operations, and so on. When facing up with tremendous pressure, if you do not adjust yourself swiftly, it may lead to breast disease.
If one works under high pressure for a long time, her neuroendocrine will be affected, which will lead to gynecological diseases. 
For pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), or infertility caused by hydrosalpinx, Dr.Lee recommends that females can take TCM formula Fuyan Pill to regulate treatment.
Fuyan Pill is a combination of various natural herbal medicines such as honeysuckle, forsythia, medlar, scutellaria, medlar, atractylodes, yam, atractylodes, talc, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, licorice, etc. 
It is a relatively complete formula, and the treatment of disease by Fuyan Pill can play a variety of effects such as clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, strengthening spleen and dispelling dampness, anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis and anti-calcification.
Because it is a natural and chemical-free, so it is much safer in helping with women's health. 

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