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What Are the Specific Symptoms of Pelvic Abscess?

1. Manifestations of acute appendagitis 

High fever after the formation of abscess, body temperature up to 39℃, elevating heart rate and lower abdominal pain, acute abdominal pain accounts for 89%, while chronic pain accounts for 19%, accompanied by increased vaginal secretions and abnormal uterine bleeding. Pelvic examination showes significant lower abdominal tenderness and cervical lifting pain, uterus and bilateral adnexa area is also tender and severe. Due to tenderness, patients object to pressing on the affected part. Sometimes the obvious mass can be felt on one side of the uterus or uterine rectal septum, with flaccid onset. Abscess formation process could be slow, with less obvious symptoms, or even no fever. 
2. Appearance of abscess 
Symptoms continue to deteriorate, with remittent high fever, more obvious peritoneal irritation, rectal pressure, defecation and urination pain and other rectal and bladder irritation symptoms, and symptoms of systemic toxicity. Bimanual diagnosis and anal digital examination detect pelvic fullness, thickened tissue in the cul-de-sac, hard or fluctuant mass, accompanied by significant tenderness. 
3. Appearance of abscess ulceration 
A large number of pus in bloody stools, pyuria or discharge of a large amount of pus excreted through the vagina, high fever, abdominal pain, abdominal tenderness and other clinical signs are significantly improved. The original mass disappears or shrinks on examination, suggesting that the pelvic abscess has perforated the rectum, bladder and vagina. 
4. Abscess breaking into the abdominal cavity 
The condition suddenly deteriorates or lower abdominal pain continues to intensify and changes to abdominal pain, with nausea, vomiting, chills, followed by weak pulse, rapid drop in blood pressure, cold sweat dripping, etc. Physical examination showes abdominal breathing disappeares, diffuse tenderness, rebound tenderness, significant muscle tension, and abdominal distension, bowel sounds weakened or disappeared, suggesting pelvic localized abscess ulceration to the abdominal cavity, emergency treatment is necessary. 
According to Dr.Lee, the attending physician of Wuhan Dr.Lee TCM Clinic, pelvic abscess is mostly caused by pelvic connective tissue inflammation without timely treatment, suppuration and formation of pelvic abscess, bacterial infection is one of the reasons, other inflammation such as recurrent salpingitis, the formation of purulent secretions into the pelvic cavity and its surrounding organs can also lead to abscess. Female patients can take Fuyan Pill treatment.

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