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Fennel: A Partial Prescription for the Treatment of Pelvic Effusion

Many people look for Folk Prescription to treat diseases, including the treatment of pelvic effusion, there are Argyi Foot Bath, Fennel Water Sitz Bath, etc. 

Different people have different views on this problem, but Wuhan TCM practioner Dr.Lee believes that the treatment of pelvic effusion with fennel sitz bath can only alleviate the symptoms, but cannot fundamentally cure the disease, in order to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation, we need to find the root cause of the disease, using natural formulated Fuyan Pill to treat, so that to clear up pelvic effusion with no side effects.
Then why is the main effect of fennel? Why is it used to treat pelvic effusion?  
When it comes to fennel, it mainly refers to a flavoring used in dishes, and it has the effects of dispersing cold, regulating Qi, relieving pain, and calming stomach, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-ulceration, and it can be used to treat inappetence, abdominal pain, vomiting, and female dysmenorrhea caused by cold and dampness, so that fennel is also used to relieve arthritis pain.    
Pelvic effusion is mostly an inflammatory substance in the pelvic cavity, mainly due to "cold coagulation" leading to poor Qi, body fluid aggregation and formation, generally there will be abdominal pain, urinary frequency, and abnormal leucorrhea, etc., through the prescription of fennel water sitz bath, the syndrome of "cold dampness" which is causing pelvic effusion can be treated, its related complications can be reduced, however the syndrome itself cannot be completely cured, so for patients with hot-humid-blood stasis type of pelvic effusion, the fennel water could not work its magic on it.
At the same time, Dr.Lee introduced that patients with pelvic effusion will generally have other related complications. Mere water sitz bath of fennel can only relieve pain and inflammation, but cannot remove blood stasis and clear up toxins in the body. Therefore, the treatment of pelvic effusion should be focused on compound formula of herbs Fuyan Pill, a natural remedy for clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dispelling dampness and treating stranguria. A more comprehensive formula can achieve a better therapeutic effect. 
Warm Reminder: As the famous saying goes, "Sedentary is the source of all diseases", for patients with chronic pelvic effusion, they are suggested to sit less than 3 hours a day, while adopting a lighter diet, getting more rest and appropriate exercises, so that to speed up the recovery of the disease. Once there is vaginitis, cervicitis, or salpingitis detected, it is recommended for them to take Fuyan Pill as early as possible in case the inflammation develop into pathological pelvic effusion. 

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