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Postoperative Sequelae of Pelvic Abscess

For women's pelvic cyst disease, if not cared well after surgery, is easy to cause sequelae phenomenon, so the post-operative care is particularly critical, otherwise the harm is self-evident.


The sequelae can easily lead to other sexual diseases, such as sepsis, nephropathy, chronic peritonitis, septic shock and other phenomena. Pelvic cyst care is not timely brought about sequelae, so post-operative care is very important.

For example, patients with sepsis may have high fever, chills, bleeding spots on the skin, and sepsis will cause secondary abscesses in other parts of the blood circulation. If acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation is not treated, it will spread to the fallopian tube, causing pelvic abscess, which is likely to spread upward to the kidney, causing perirenal abscess. 
If inflammation spreads to the serosa layer of the outermost layer of the uterus, it will probably cause pelvic peritonitis, and eventually form diffuse pelvic peritonitis. It may also cause systemic poisoning, such as high fever and nausea. In serious cases, if there is no timely treatment, the bacteria in the body multiply rapidly, with the blood flowing to all parts of the body, causing the body reaction leading to shock in patients. 
The biggest harm of pelvic abscess is infertility! If there is inflammation in the uterus, fallopian tube, or ovary in female pelvic cavity, no matter where it is, without effective treatment, it is likely to change from acute to chronic, and finally cause female infertility, so it should be treated in time.
One of the treatment methods is through herbal therapy Fuyan Pill. It is the natural prescriptions for gynecological diseases, which focuses on heat-clearing and detoxification, blood-activating and blood-stasis-removing, Qi-invigorating and pain-relieving. 
The prescription is summarized through clinical practice based on ancient prescriptions and has good therapeutic effect on elimination of pelvic inflammation, abscess and adhesion.

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