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Can Intrauterine Device(IUD) Cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

In modern life, there are many methods of contraception, in addition to instant contraception such as condoms, there are also long-term contraceptive measures such as the use of intrauterine devices. Many women are worried about some negative effects on their health after the intrauterine device is placed, especially gynecological inflammation. Are women with the intrauterine device prone to pelvic inflammatory disease?

As far as IUD itself is concerned, it will not cause pelvic infection. The pelvic inflammatory disease may be related to the abnormal operation, chronic inflammation and prolonged vaginal bleeding, poor hygienic sexual life and other causes. 
The results of the research hold different views about the relationship between whether the longer placing time will cause a higher incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease or not. It is reported that the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease is higher within 2 years after the operation, and it is also believed that the longer the time is, the more likely pelvic inflammation will occur.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the operation with the IUD will lead to some complications, such as long-term vaginal bleeding and pelvic inflammatory disease, but if the indications and contraindications of intrauterine device are strictly controlled, the operation is standardized, the prevention and treatment of complications and health care after the operation are paid attention to, pelvic inflammatory disease can be avoided. 
At present, there are two kinds of contraceptive rings used clinically, one is with tailed silk rings, the other is without tailed silk rings. Some domestic scholars have studied whether the tail filament of the contraceptive device can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. They believe that the tail filament of the contraceptive device can become a way of bacterial upward infection, but the human body has a natural defense system against the invasion of external pathogens. 
As a result, IUD will not cause severe cases of pelvic inflammatory disease generally. Some foreign scholars have carried out in vitro experiments on this issue, and the results show that bacteria can indeed infect along the tail filament of the contraceptive ring. However, the tailed wire contraceptive device also has its advantages, that is, the operation is simple and easy, and the patient suffers from less pain.
IUD is not suitable for patients with pelvic inflammatory disease
In our country, most of the women who have given birth use IUD for contraception, but IUD is not suitable for everyone. Women should check whether the body has reproductive system diseases, whether it is suitable for them. IUD is an exogenous substance, the body will have a certain degree of exclusion, if the disease is not cured, IUD is very easy to cause infection. 
Pelvic examination should be done before the placement of IUD, if this patient did not do these examinations, it may cause some imaginable damage. If there was inflammation, the IUD would aggravate the condition you already have, which would cause stomach pain, fever, and leukocyte elevation.
If there are only mild symptoms, it can be treated with long-term intentional oral medication or vaginal administration. If the condition is severe, and patients have salpingitis, hydrosalpinx, ovarian cysts, pelvic adhesion and so on at the same time, laparoscopic drainage and relevant operations can be done. However, conventional oral medicines inevitably have side effects, and it is difficult to reach the lesion directly. The sequelae and complications of surgery should not be ignored.
Therefore, for patients with routine medication and recurrence after surgery, we can try conservative natural medicine Fuyan Pill, which consists of natural herbs with no side effects and it can directly reach the focus, sterilize and eliminate the pathogens, and has a very good therapeutic effect on pelvic inflammatory disease.
Once you find symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, you must be treated right away, and follow the doctor's advice in order to recover soon.

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