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Natural therapy of Ovarian Cysts: A Healthier management

Natural therapy for ovarian cysts is currently considered to be the healthiest treatment for ovarian cysts. Its ultimate goal is to shrink the size of cysts. This therapy puts the balance of hormones in the first place because this is the real cause of the cysts. Appropriate diet, combined with herbs and balsamin, can reduce the incidence of ovarian cysts and reduce the size of the cysts in the course of treatment.

Try a natural therapy
For most women, it's an excellent choice to watch and wait and use a natural cure for ovarian cysts. In addition, unless your doctor says that your condition is dangerous or that you are suffering from pain at this moment. Most medical institutions believe that ovarian cysts are nothing to worry about and will disappear naturally in most cases. But be sure to discuss your health in detail with your doctor, because everyone's condition is different.
Treatment of ovarian cyst with traditional Chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation of ovarian cysts is caused by hormonal imbalance, so traditional Chinese medicine uses a variety of herbs to help the body achieve a balance of hormones. 
For example, the common herbal medicine Fuyan pill, which combines Poria cocos, Scutellaria baicalensis, Gardenia jasminoides, Atractylodes macrocephala, Chinese yam, Angelica Sinensis, peach kernel, safflower, licorice, wood incense, corydalis tuber and dozens of herbs. It can play the role of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, resolving hard lump, clearing away heat and detoxification, and can have a therapeutic effect on the ovarian cyst. 
At the same time, some herbs are also recommended to help restore vitality and purify the liver.
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can not cure ovarian cysts overnight, and it is a slow process. The following list is just a general introduction. Consult your doctor for a detailed natural therapy or exact prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine. When you go to the doctor, it's best to tell the doctor what herbal medications you are taking and the detailed symptoms of your body during this period of time.
The following herbs can be used to treat ovarian cysts:
1. Vitex
Ovarian cysts may be caused by excessive estrogen, and vitex can help to restore normal estrogen levels in the body. Therefore, it has been used to treat ovarian cysts in the past few hundred years.
2. Safflower
Safflower is a popular remedy herb for hormone imbalance, which is often used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The National Center for Free and Alternative Drugs is studying the efficacy of safflower.
3. Black cohosh extract
Black cohosh extract can assist in the treatment of hormone imbalance. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can help in the treatment of irregular menstruation, and irregular menstruation is also one of the causes of ovarian cysts.
4. Dandelion
Taraxacum is a diuretic that helps purify the liver of the human body and at the same time, helps the body to excrete excess hormones that cause cysts.
5. Yam
Yam contains a chemical that mimics or converts directly to hormones such as estrogen.
6. Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is another herb used to help maintain women's reproductive health. It can also help curb the causes of some ovarian cysts.

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