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Is There Any Possibility that Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Might cause Leg Pain?

The pelvic inflammatory disease sometimes may be confined to one site, sometimes several parts of the disease at the same time. In the clinic, it is divided into two kinds: acute and chronic types, and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) patients account for the majority, and the age of this population is getting younger and younger.

In the clinic, PID may stop women from conceiving and cause ectopic pregnancy. Chronic PID is mainly developed from acute inflammation, the symptoms of many patients in the acute stage are not particularly obvious, coupled with strong tolerance, so generally, they do not feel pain.
However, PID will oppress the surrounding nerve tissue and has a strong stimulating effect on the surrounding nerve tissue, which may cause obvious leg pain, gastrointestinal dyspepsia, abdominal pain, and so on. There are also many patients with chronic PID having aggravated abdominal pain after overwork, as well as recurrent leg pain, and they will affect the patients themselves and the quality of their life.
In addition, if people are over-stressed or overtired after suffering from diseases, it may lead to mild pain in the inner thigh, but the duration is relatively short. If you are worried, then you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination. Moreover, it is also possible that the pain is caused by people's own muscle injury; finding the causes, and receiving appropriate treatment is really important.
Most women suffer from leg pain after suffering from chronic PID. As I mentioned before, chronic PID is usually caused by untimely and incomplete treatment in the acute stage. At this time, the existence of inflammation has a negative impact on surrounding tissues. When the disease develops to a certain extent, it will also affect the lower limbs and cause thrombophlebitis. In other words, inflammation is the main cause of leg pain in women.
Some patients not only suffer from leg pain but also leg swelling. In fact, PID is far more harmful than that. If the condition has not been effectively treated and controlled, women will also have other physical discomforts. At this time, women can use a hot towel as a hot compress for their leg pain, which can relieve the symptom to a certain extent.
Because PID does cause leg pain, timely and reasonable treatment, in the process of treatment, patients also need to strengthen nursing, pay attention to a healthy diet, and good personal hygiene, and these can prevent the rapid spread of infection.
1. Drug therapy: Antibiotics are the main treatment of acute PID, including intravenous infusion, intramuscular injection, or oral administration. Spectral antibiotics should be used in combination with anti-anaerobic drugs, and attention should be paid to the adequate course of treatment. And it can be combined with herbal medicine Fuyan Pill which can kill the bacteria and diminish inflammation to achieve a better curative effect.
2. Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is feasible for tumors such as hydrosalpinx or ovarian cyst of the fallopian tubes. Surgical treatment is also appropriate for those with small infection foci and repeated inflammation attacks. Surgery is based on the principle of a complete cure to avoid the chance of recurrence of the remaining lesions.
3. Physical therapy: Benign stimulation of warmth and heat can promote the local blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, improve the nutritional status of tissues, improve metabolism, and facilitate the absorption and elimination of inflammation. Commonly used methods are a short wave, ultrashort wave, ion penetration( a variety of drugs such as penicillin, streptomycin, etc., can be added), wax therapy, etc.
4. Psychotherapy: Generally, it is used to relieve the patients' worries, like enhancing the confidence of treatment, doing regular exercises, paying attention to the combination of work and rest to improves the body's resistance.
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