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What Foods Are Good for Patients with Pelvic inflammatory Disease?
In recent years, there are more and more females suffering from a pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), which has a greater relationship with the increase in abortion. If the operation of abortion is improper or the recovery is not good, it is likely to lead to the occurrence of uterine infection and induce the emergence of PID.
PID has become a major killer of women's health, a serious threat to women's health. So how to treat PID? What food can patients eat?
1. Litchi
Litchi is one of the common fruits. Litchi is very rich in nutritional value, rich in various vitamins and trace elements. Proper consumption is very beneficial to the health of the body.
At the same time, litchi also has a good therapeutic effect, which can play the role of nourishing qi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The appropriate consumption of litchi can effectively improve the condition of patients with PID with the stagnation of Qi and blood.

2. Hawthorn
Hawthorn tastes sour, so many people may not like to eat it directly. You can buy some dried hawthorn and put it in hot water served as a tea to drink. It can regulate qi and activate blood circulation. Patients with dysmenorrhea and PID are all suitable for hawthorn tea. It can also improve the body's resistance and promote recovery.
3. Radish
Mustard oil and refined fiber in radish can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help discharge waste in the body. Radish is also a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, which is cool in property and sweet in flavor. It can eliminate stagnation, clear phlegm and heat, relieve Qi, and toxin.
4. Cabbage
Its juice can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus and prevent infection.
5. Kelp
Kelp contains a large amount of iodine, which can stimulate the pituitary gland, reduce the level of estrogen in women's body, restore the normal function of the ovary, correct the endocrine disorders, and eliminate the hidden dangers of pelvic inflammation.
6. Towel gourd
Various nutrients contained in it are relatively higher than other similar foods, among which saponins, bitterness, mucus, pectin, citrulline, xylan, interferon, and other special substances have special effects of antiviral and antiallergic, which can promote the recovery of patients as soon as possible.
7. Tofu
It is rich in plant protein, which can improve immunity. It can also clear away heat, detoxify, replenish qi, and promote health. Regular consumption of tofu can have a certain auxiliary effect on inflammation.
8. Adzuki bean
Adzuki Bean contains more saponins which can stimulate the intestinal tract, so it has a good diuretic effect, can remove toxins and excess water in the body, promote the metabolism of blood and water, and has diuretic and edematous effects. It is beneficial to enhance immune function and disease resistance.
9. Lycium barbarum
Lycium barbarum has a health-preserving effect and high medicinal value. It can improve the disease resistance of the body and accelerate the absorption and elimination of inflammation.
10. Sydney
Sydney is not only nutritious but also has a good therapeutic effect. It can clear away heat and detoxification, moisten the lungs and stop coughing. It has a good relieving effect on respiratory tract infection, coughing, and PID.
11. Dandelion
It is sweet and bitter in nature and can clear away heat, detoxify, reduce swelling and disperse knots. It has a therapeutic effect on upper respiratory tract infection, PID, mastitis, swelling, and pain of mastitis, urinary tract infection, etc.
12. Soft-shelled turtle
It is rich in protein, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids. It also contains methionine, which is rarely found in general food. It can resolve hard lump, remove stasis, and cool the blood, which has a good therapeutic effect on patients with PID.
13. Broccoli
The content of vitamin C in broccoli is very high, which can improve the immune function of the human body, enhance the constitution of the human body, increase the ability of disease resistance, and have a certain effect on the patients with PID.
But these foods can just eliminate and alleviate some symptoms, and can not achieve the goal of radical cure. In order to thoroughly cure the PID, the most important thing is to clear the potential lesions while eliminating the symptoms. This also requires a complete prescription, which cannot be limited to a certain effect.
Therefore, patients can take Fuyan Pill orally, which is composed of dozens of Chinese herbs. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, invigorating the spleen, and promoting dampness. It can kill all kinds of pathogens in 1-3 courses, remove the focus from the root, eliminate heavy feeling and swelling pain of the patients, so as to achieve the curative effect of both symptoms and causes.
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