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Do You Have These Three Habits That Cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?


In today's society, many female friends are prone to be pestered by pelvic inflammatory disease, and they often feel regretful after knowing what caused that. In fact, it's all about their personal habits. There are three common habits that patients with pelvic inflammatory disease have.
1. Being sedentary
Do you sit for more than five hours a day? If your answer is yes, beware of pelvic inflammatory disease. This is because when you have been sitting for a long time, it will block the blood circulation in the lower part of the body. In this situation, if pelvic congestion is accumulated too much over time, pelvic inflammation will break out. 
To many officer workers, being sedentary can not be avoidable. But there is always something you can do to change your static condition. Stand up and drink some water, or go to the bathroom, and you can merely move around after sitting for two hours. Going out and getting a fresh air for several minutes will do a good job to your body.
2. Wearing tight clothes
In order to chase for fashion and beauty, many female friends like to wear tight clothes. You should know tight clothes are not always air-permeable, which can increase the temperature in the private parts and make a humid environment formed. If you pay less attention to your personal hygiene, it's more likely to produce bacteria in your tight pants. In this case, it may not only cause pelvic inflammatory disease, but also lead to vaginitis, uterine inflammation and other infections.
So female friends should avoid wearing tight clothes, especially in hot weather. They should also take a regular shower to keep them clean, and frequently wash their clothes. Don't put on the same underwear for several days without replacing.
3. Eating too much stimulating food
Do you enjoy eating cold and raw foods in the summer, such as ice cream or cold drink? And are you fond of spicy food such as hot pot to keep warm in winter? In order to seek the stimulation of taste, many women will try some stimulating foods that are usually anything but nutritious. In fact, these foods will cause pelvic congestion after you feel strong stimulation, which may easily cause pelvic inflammatory disease. 
Light diet is the best way to keep you healthy. If you are sweating on a hot day, apples, watermelons and other fruits can be helpful. When it turns cold, you should drink more hot water and do some exercise to keep your warm. 
The three habits mentioned above will unknowingly induce pelvic inflammatory disease. If you have any of them, it's time to change. Besides, for women who have been married or have sexual life, they as well as their sexual partners should pay attention to personal hygiene and keep a moderate sexual life. 
When suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, patients can take herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to effectively kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation. It can improve menstruation and relieve pain without any side effects. Sticking to the pill will help you get better soon.
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