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Are Women With No Sexual Life At Risk Of Getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

 Pelvic inflammatory disease, usually called PID, is an infection of the female reproductive organs. Women with sexually transmitted disease are at high risk of suffering from this disease. Studies also show that sexually active teenagers are more likely to induce PID than older women. 

In fact, in many clinical cases, some women who have no sexual life are suspected of having pelvic inflammatory disease after doing physical examination. So what causes it?
1. Have intestinal flora infection
Due to some bad eating habits in daily life, many female friends may have appendicitis. When a rupture occurs, the appendix will be suggested to removed. Sometimes there is an inconspicuous inflammation in the appendix, which will make intestinal flora invade the pelvic cavity secretly. When you have a rupture in the appendix, your pelvic cavity may been infected to some extent.
Many diseases are physiologically related and may affect each other. So in a sense, appendicitis can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Female friends should pay attention to healthy diet, and protect their intestines as well as stomach, avoiding more physiology-related diseases.
2. Pay too less attention to menstrual hygiene
Physiologically, a woman who is menstruating is actually very fragile. There is blood flow during menstruation, which can make the whole reproductive system in a half-exposed state. If there are some external bacteria at the same time, they will go up with blood and reach the pelvic cavity, causing pelvic inflammatory disease eventually. If you don't pay attention to your personal hygiene during your period, you are likely to unconsciously induce pelvic inflammatory disease. 
Keeping yourself clean is important anyway. You should take a regular bath and wash your clothes frequently. What’s, don't put your clothes together with other people's, and don’t use other people’s towels and washbasins.
3. Have low body resistance
Body resistance is like the army of a country. A strong immune system can develop an impregnable body resistance, which can withstand foreign bacteria and kill inner viruses very well. If you have low body resistance, germs that get into your reproductive system can't be completely wiped out, resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease in the end. 
Low body resistance may be a congenital problem, or maybe it's caused by malnutrition. So female friends need to eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more fresh milk every morning. Do more exercise in spare time should be encouraged as well.
If female friends are diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, they should receive proper treatment in time. Commonly, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively treat PID, which has a good effect on eliminating bacteria and improving menstruation. No matter whether a woman has sexual life, she should develop healthy sexual behaviors and healthy eating habits. Only in this way can she get better through medication. 
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