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Traditional Chinese Medicine Has A Good Effect On Treating Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a relatively common gynecological disease, which is often manifested as abdominal distension, lumbosacral pain, discomfort or even dysmenorrhea, infertility and so on, seriously affecting the woman's physical and mental health as well as reproductive health.


Nowadays, many doctors at home and abroad have adopted traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a a useful treatment, which has achieved a remarkable effect on the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and won unanimous praise from patients.



Ms Croft, who is more than 50 years old, often feels pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen in the past two years. She has been treated with oral antibiotics for many times but her symptoms still go back and forth. In recent months, Ms Croft feels more anguished discomfort in the lower abdomen, accompanied by soreness of waist, increased leucorrhea, loss of appetite. Despite the purchase of multiple drugs, the effect on the disease is still not obvious.


To get systematic treatment, introduced by a friend, Ms Croft began to try traditional Chinese medicine treatment. According to the patient's condition, the TCM doctor made the treatment with syndrome differentiation. Through oral Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine retention enema, abdominal moxibustion and other comprehensive treatments, the symptoms have been improved obviously. Besides, pelvic inflammatory disease did not recur in the subsequent examinations. 


In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is actually tangible blood stasis, caused by heat dampness, cold dampness and qi stagnation. According to the clinical manifestations of patients, the treatment includes heat dampness stasis type, qi stagnation and blood stasis type, kidney deficiency and blood stasis type, and cold dampness stagnation type, among which the cold dampness stagnation is the most common type. 


Chinese medicine retention enema refers to rectal administration, which can improve pelvic blood supply, promote inflammatory absorptio and relieve pelvic adhesion. In addition, moxibustion can warm the womb and channels and relieve pain, promote the movement of qi and blood, and enhance the ability of disease resistance.


It is worth noting that herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has been widely used to treat pelvic inflammatory disease in recent years. This prescription is the result of Dr. Lee’s 30 years of medical knowledge and clinical practice. It is made from many available herbal ingredients, such as bupleurum, poria cocos, radix scutellariae, fructus gardeniae, atractylodes rhizome and so on, which can make the prescription more complete, more suitable for clinical needs. With right medication suggestions, patients with pelvic inflammatory disease can always be cured in the end.


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