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What Are The Matters Needing Attention When Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Is Treated

After suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, the impact of the disease on women will come to the fore little by little. As time goes by, female friends can feel pain in low abdomen and they may have irregular menstruation and increased leucorrhea. Usually, many females will choose to get treated in time and active cooperate with the doctor in the hospital. 

In many cases, the herbal formula Fuyan Pill is often recommended to female patients with pelvic inflammatory disease. It is a pure Chinese medicine with more that 50 selected herbal ingredients, which has no side effects and can cure many clinical symptoms caused by pelvic inflammatory disease. It can react on adjusting the menstruation and dispelling inflammation. Therefore, it is always an available option for females.
However, some women in the treatment will overlook the daily care on their body, which can affect the therapeutic effect of medicine to some extent. Therefore, what are the matters needing attention when pelvic inflammatory disease is treated?
1. Avert various sources of infection
Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease in daily life should prepare a special basin for themselves and clean the vulva every night, to maintain the perineal clean and dry. During the treatment, women should not be exposed to the bacterial sources of infection, such as swimming in the pool, washing the vulva with soap and other factors. They need air-penetrating cotton underwear and wash them frequently.
2. Don't have menstrual sex
Menstrual woman's body resistance is relatively poor, and the cervix is usually in an open state. At this point, if you have a sexual intercourse with a man, bacteria carried by the penis will enter the vagina to breed and even travel up to the uterine cavity and then aggravate the inflammation. So female friends should pay special attention to their personal hygiene and sexual life during the menstruation.
3. Pay attention to rest
If an acute pelvic infection turns into a chronic one, female friends should pay more attention to the treatment as well as rest. Don't overwork, which may aggravate the condition, and if necessary, they need to take regular breaks and vacations, to relax their mind and body. With a relaxed and good mindset, they will have the confidence to conquer the disease.
4. Observe the leucorrhea at times
When the female suffers from pelvic inflammatory disease, she will have increased leucorrhea to some extent. The amount, shape and color of the leucorrhea will be different from the usual situations, and even a peculiar smell will appear. With the deepening of treatment, if women find that their leucorrhea quantity becomes less, the color changes from yellow to white, and the smell tends to be normal, then their conditions are becoming better. On the contrary, if things don't change, they should get checked again and figure out the causes.
The effective daily care for females can alleviate the pelvic inflammation effectively, make the disease recover faster, and reduce the probability of relapse. So female friends should always pay attention to both treatment and daily care when they are fighting against pelvic inflammatory disease and other physiological problems.
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