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How To Prevent Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Three Suggestions For You

 With the high incidence of cesarean section and the high abortion rate of young unmarried females, it has led to the high incidence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, which makes many females suffer a lot. 

For the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is always a good option for female patients. It has a great effect on eliminating inflammation and dispelling pain. Adhering to the treatment, female patients will get treated sooner or later.
Besides, they should notice the daily conditioning, which can make a different on their treatment. These three suggestions can be offered to female patients to better prevent the attacks of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.
1. keep good personal hygiene and sexual behaviors.
Most cases of the pelvic inflammatory disease are caused by vaginitis, cervicitis, and salpingitis. Therefore, it is possible to prevent chronic pelvic inflammatory disease by actively treating the above diseases. Woman are not suggested to have sexual life during the menstrual period and 2 days before and after menstruation. They need to change underwear often and keep personal hygiene clean. Besides, they should form a fixed sexual partner to avoid infection of pathogens among multiple sexual partners
2. Have more exercises to enhance body resistance.
When the body resistance gets strong, it can resist pathogens readily. Conversely, working women often worry about work and family, the pressure is bigger and bigger, the time is more and more in tense, and they are in a state of exhaustion and sub-health for a long period, which can result in worse physical strength and body resistance. 
Therefore, in order to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease, it is necessary to take more exercise to enhance the body resistance. For instance, when you go home on bus, you can get off at first stop that you need walk a stop of road to get home. Taking a walk can be very helpful for your body health. If necessary, jogging and yoga can be female’s option at ordinary times.
3. Do not lose weight via eating less food.
In today’s society, women treat being thin as being beautiful and gorgeous. Under the influence of this prevalent concept, many micro-fat people are actively to lose weight. They even just eat noodles in the afternoon and replace the whole-day diet with fruit meals. This excessive weight loss not only makes their body in extreme malnutrition, and it is also easy to lead to damage to the body organs, and the body resistance will be radically impacted. 
In the long run, it can stimulate various infections, complications, and even pathogenic microorganisms in the vagina, conditional pathogens to multiply that it easy to cause pelvic inflammation. Diet should be healthy all the time, and the better way to keep a healthy body condition and good shape is to do more exercise. There is no short cut. So females should follow these good habits and keep on them for a long time.
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