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Can Anger Aggravate Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common problem in females. When the disease gets serious, it will affect the normal physiological function of the female, and can also affect the normal ovulation, impede the occurrence of fertilized egg, and then affect the female fertility.

Female inflammations can also be affected by the mood, and sometimes the unstable mood will aggravate the development of a certain disease. Besides, the formation of pelvic inflammatory disease and mental factors also have a certain relationship. If the woman is always angry, it will lead to serious endocrine disorders as well as insufficient qi and blood, thus aggravating the development of pelvic inflammatory disease.
Doctors add that the long-term depression can damage the liver to some extent, thereby causing endocrine disorders of the nerves and leading to endocrine disorders in the body. This can speed up the development of pelvic inflammatory disease and even lead to other complications.
When the local blood circulation can not become smooth, the blood circulation in the pelvic region will also be seriously affected. Due to the bad mood like anger or depression, woman's body burden will become heavier, leading to the rapid development of gynecological inflammation. In this rate, it is easy to give rise to uterine cavity adhesion, endometritis, tubal adhesion and other diseases. These problems, if left untreated for too long, will be very adverse to the woman's physical health.
Therefore, patients suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease must maintain a good state of mind, and according to the degree of disease development, they need to choose the appropriate approach to treating the disease. Usually, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is well recommended for women with pelvic inflammatory disease. The medicine is a pure Chinese medicine, which can efficiently promote blood circulation, tone up the qi and energy, and help female better get rid of painful symptoms. It has no side effects, so women can get treated after a long-term therapy.
During the treatment, good eating habits should be mastered, and light food should be given priority to as far as possible. At the same time, spicy, cold, raw and greasy food should be avoided. Enhancing the physical exercise is also a great suggestion for females with poor immunity. Usually, some moderate daily sports can make a difference, such as jogging, yoga, rope skipping, swimming, table tennis, hula and so on.
What's more, good personal hygiene habits should be developed to keep the private part clean and dry, to better prevent the accumulation of bacteria and viruses. The sexual life should also be under control for all women and men. Keeping both of you two clean before the sex is important. And don’t have sex too frequently. After all, developing a moderate sexual life is beneficial to the couple’s health.
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