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What Is The Diagnostic Basis Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to inflammation in the pelvic area of women. Besides, it may also be inflammation in neighboring organs that can affect pelvic health. Pelvic inflammatory disease in clinical can be divided into the acute inflammation and the chronic inflammation. Usually, clinical diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease is also meaningful. In addition to the secretion detection, the patient's symptoms and comprehensive judgments should be considered as well.

Generally, women with pelvic inflammatory disease is easy to suffer from abdominal pain, pelvic heaviness and other symptoms. In this case, women should stay alert, and go to the hospital to confirm whether there is a complete inflammation. The general examination of pelvic health involves detection through B ultrasound or secretion detection.
In the event that the pelvic fluid is found in the pelvic cavity, or even secretion exam results are inflammatory, it basically can be confirmed to be the pelvic inflammatory disease. In this case, females should actively participate in the treatment, otherwise it will lead to the spread of inflammation to other adjacent organs, making women suffer more.
The lowest diagnosis basis of female pelvic inflammatory disease is to affirm whether women feel uterine pressure pain or other painful symptoms in the adnexa area. Especially for young women who are sexually active or have sexually transmitted diseases, they often have pain in the lower abdomen due to gynecological inflammation, which is the lowest check standard in numerous gynaecology diseases. 
In addition, during the diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease, more detailed examinations can also be carried out by additional criteria. For example, doctors can detect whether the temperature is greater than 38.3 degrees Celsius, or whether the vaginal discharge is purulent and mucous. Sometimes, they may find a large number of white blood cells during the vaginal discharge examination.
In a word, there are many bases to diagnose a woman's gynecological health, and which kind of disease is making trouble should be according to individual symptoms and examination methods. When the woman is diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used to help her pull through, which can effectively solve inflammation, relieve pain, dispel blood stasis and improve the blood circulation. 
During the treatment, women must do a good job in related care, such as paying attention to personal hygiene, to avoid bacteria from making inflammation more serious. What's more, do not eat spicy foods or drink alcohol during the treatment, and sexual life should be avoided as far as possible, otherwise it will increase the source of infection, making women suffer from more physical problems.
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