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Three Causes Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease -- Don't Underestimate The Personal Hygiene

Pelvic inflammatory disease refers to a series of inflammations occurring in and around the female pelvic reproductive organs. Pelvic inflammatory disease can be divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic peritonitis, pelvic and connective tissue inflammatory disease, and so on.

Notice these three causes of pelvic inflammatory disease.
1. Unhealthy hygiene habits
Normal females can menstruate every month, and during the menstruation, they must pay attention to the personal hygiene, to avoid the bacterial infection that can lead to inflammation in the pelvic cavity. So when female friends buy sanitary napkins, they must choose those with quality assurance and hygiene assurance. Additionally, you need to avoid sexual life during the menstruation. Because the cervix is opening at this time, and if you have sex, it will be easy to bring inflammation into the uterus, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.
2. Infection after childbirth
After giving birth, some women found themselves infected with pelvic inflammatory disease, which is because the postpartum pregnant women greatly have weakened body resistance, and at the same time, the childbirth has caused a certain damage to the female birth canal. As a result, if you do not pay attention to the personal hygiene, it will be easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease as well. And if a postpartum woman has sex too early after childbirth, it will also be easy to cause bacterial infection, leading to pelvic inflammatory disease.
3. Improper handling after intrauterine surgery
Many female friends think that intrauterine surgery is a minor operation, and they pay less attention to it and related problems. But before having intrauterine surgery, experts recommend that females should not have sex because it's important to keep the uterus completely clean. Furthermore, when doing intrauterine surgery, those surgical appliances must be strictly disinfected. If women do not maintain good genital hygiene after surgery, it will also easy to lead to the pelvic inflammatory disease.
To sum up, women suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease mainly due to one thing -- uncleanness. So experts suggest that women attach important to the personal hygiene all the time. When they are diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, they should get treated in time. If there is not timely intervention, as the disease progresses, the original acute pelvic inflammatory disease will become chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. In this case, female symptoms will be more and more serious, which can be hard to cure.
Luckily, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to better solve your pelvic problems. It can effectively terminate inflammation, dispel pain and discomfort, improve the blood circulation and adjust female menstruation. It is harmless and side-effect-free, so it is suitable for patients with pelvic inflammatory disease to take for the long-term treatment.
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