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What Is The Cause Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? What Should Be Noted In Your Diet?

As you know, after giving birth, the female body is weak. Due to the cervix not being closed in time, there will be residual blood and turbid fluid flowing out of the cervix.


Uterine cavity remains with the detachment surface of placenta, or damage to the birth canal caused during childbirth, or early sexual life in the postpartum, so that pathogens invade the uterine cavity, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Other factors include the long-time bleeding after spontaneous or medical abortion, tissue residues remaining in the uterine cavity, improper performance during the artificial abortion, and so on.

If you have sexual life before a surgery, such as dilatation and curettage, hydrotubation, hysteroscopy, IUD, uterotubography and so on, or the surgical sterilization is not completed, plus the chronic inflammation in the reproductive tract, the inflammation can be initiated and diffused after surgical interference. 
What's more, some patients do not pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery, or do not follow the doctor's advice, which will also lead to bacterial uplink infection, thus leading to pelvic inflammatory disease. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene during the menstrual period, or use unclean tampons and pads, it will lead to the bacterial infection and trigger pelvic inflammatory disease.
In addition, the inflammation of adjacent organs may directly spread to the pelvic cavity, which can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease. For example, the incident sites of appendicitis and peritonitis are close to the female reproductive organs, and these inflammations can spread through the reproductive organs, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Also, if you have chronic cervicitis, it will cause pelvic connective tissue inflammation by means of lymphatic circulation.
If you suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, you must treat it in time. Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively help you eliminate inflammation, restore body health and improve the body resistance. It is non-toxic and harmless with no side effects, so it is worth taking for a long time. It is equally important that during the treatment, after the treatment, or during the prevention period, a healthy diet can help you get rid of pelvic inflammatory disease better.
The dietary nursing of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should be strengthened. During fever, it is advisable to eat light and easily digestible food. Patients should avoid fried and spicy food, seafood and other pungent food. They should eat more foods high in protein and vitamins, such as lean meat, liver, tofu, fruits and vegetables.
Tobacco, wine and other pungent food should strictly be prohibited. They can undertake local hot compress at the same time, which can promote the natural absorption of inflammation and speed up the blood circulation, to relieve the symptoms of the tissue. Besides, be sure to keep warm. Some female friends usually have a fever or a cold in winter, at this time, they should pay attention to keeping warm. Don't let colds interfere with your life.
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