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Attention! Why Does Your Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Break Out Repeatedly?

 Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, if not treated in time or completely, will shade in a chronic disease. In addition to the difficult treatment, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease may be easy to relapse after the cure, which makes many patients annoyed.

Why does your pelvic inflammatory disease break out repeatedly? There are three things that may take the blame. 
pelvic inflammatory disease
1. Change sexual partners frequently. The number of sexual partners is closely related to the recurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease in women, and the recurrence rate of pelvic inflammatory disease in women with multiple sexual partners is 5 times higher than that of women in general.
2. Sexual partner factors. Commonly, untreated sexual partners are a major risk factor. After suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, the vaginal secretions in female patients can also carry pathogen, which may be passed on to the sexual partner easily when having sexual life. Because of the male anatomy, their symptoms are less common. Male partners with pathogenic bacteria are the main source of infection and disease recurrence in women, and the pelvic inflammatory disease is no exception.
3. Incomplete treatment. Pelvic inflammatory pathogens invade the body, then multiply and produce large numbers of dead cells, which produce metabolic toxins. Women who only receive short-term treatment or do not follow the doctor's advice for the treatment may be unable to completely kill pathogens and remove necrotic cells and toxins, which will directly lead to the long-term unsolved treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, accompanied by repeated attacks.
Commonly, for the chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, you need a long-term and effective method to achieve a complete cure, to avoid the recurrence of the disease. Luckily, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is often considered as a suitable treatment for the pelvic inflammatory disease, especially the chronic one. The pill has strong effects on eliminating various bacteria and viruses, improving blood  circulation and removing blood stasis. It can also improve the body resistance and self-healing ability in women. More importantly, it won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance. It is a totally natural treatment.
Attention to those who are at high risk of having pelvic inflammatory disease.
Women at high risk of having pelvic inflammatory disease are those with multiple sexual partners or promiscuous sex life.
In terms of the age, women at childbearing age have high incidence rate of pelvic inflammatory disease.
The girl that did not have sexual behavior before also has the possibility of suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, because the acute appendicitis or the appendiceal abscess caused by appendicitis can affect pelvic cavity, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.
Premature occurrence of sexual behavior is also a major factor that causes pelvic inflammatory disease, since adolescent girls’ body development is not mature, if the sexual behaviors happen more frequently, it will be easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease in those young girls.
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