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Female Health: What Caused Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? How To Treat And Prevent It?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the problem that contemporary women often meet. Many women unknowingly get this disease, which brings them a great deal of trouble. This article will give you a comprehensive understanding of the pelvic inflammatory disease. Just scroll down.


What caused pelvic inflammatory disease?

pelvic inflammatory disease
For women in childbirth, they will be weak physically. The cervix that has not been closed in time will have residual blood and fluid outflow. The exfoliation surface of the placenta may remain in the uterine cavity. Or there may be damage to the birth canal during childbirth. 
Also, postpartum premature sexual life can make pathogens invade uterine cavity, causing infection. In some cases, during spontaneous abortion or medical abortion, the vagina may bleed for a long time,leading to bacterial infection. 
That residues of tissue remain in the uterine cavity can also lead to the postabortive infection. If there are no problems above, while the aseptic operation during abortion is not completed, it will lead to infection in females as well, thus leading to pelvic inflammatory disease. 
Before performing the following surgeries, such as curettage, fallopian tube fluid surgery, hysteroscopy, intrauterine contraceptive ring, uterine fallopian tube angiography and submucosal myoma extraction, if you have sexual life, or the operation is not carefully sterilized, plus the genital tract itself suffers from chronic inflammation, it will be initiated and spread after surgical interference.
pelvic inflammatory disease
Secondly, some patients who do not pay attention to personal hygiene after the surgery, or do not follow the doctor's advice, will also give rise to bacterial upward infection, resulting in the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease.
When it comes to the personal hygiene, it is more important during the female menstruation. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene during your menstrual period, or use unclean tampons and pads, or have a bath and sexual intercourse during the menstrual period, it will cause pathogen invasion, thus causing inflammation in the pelvic cavity.
You should also take notice of the inflammation of adjacent organs, which can also spread to the pelvic cavity. For example, appendicitis and peritonitis, which occur in places that are close to the female internal reproductive organs. The inflammation can spread through the reproductive organs, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Also, if you have chronic cervicitis, the inflammation will pass through the lymphatic circulation, thus causing pelvic connective tissue inflammation.

How to treat pelvic inflammatory disease effectively for females? 

The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a very effective treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease in recent years. Its advantages include: 
1. It has a strong bactericidal ability, and can effectively eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the female pelvic cavity.
2. It won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance, so patients can take the pill for a long  period of time to achieve a complete cure without hurting themselves.
3. It can improve the female body resistance and tone up the self-repair ability of females. It makes females able to fight against diseases by themselves. So it is also a good method for females to prevent pelvic inflammatory diseases and other inflammations in the reproductive system.
After a long-time treatment with the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, female patients can be cured in full in most cases. While herbal doctors also remind that after healing, they can't let their guard down. The prevention work is also important for females. So what should they do?
pelvic inflammatory disease
1. Keep warm. Some female friends usually have a fever and a cold out of nowhere., and they will sweat a lot when they reduce their fever. At this time, you should pay attention to keep warm and keep your body dry.
2.Getting regular checkups is needed. Female friends need to develop the habit of regular general examination, which is responsible for their own health. Through regular examination, you can find the problems of the body in time, and solve the problem as soon as possible. 
3.If female friends have abnormal physical conditions, the using of drug treatment must be reasonable and standardized. Don't use antibiotics and other drugs at will, otherwise it will cause more unwanted problems, and even induce some gynecological diseases.
4. Do more exercise. As you know, the benefits of physical exercise go without saying. Just choose the suitable exercise plan for yourself and keep on it without giving up easily.  Your persistence will pay you back.
5. Apply a warm compress to the abdomen. You can use hot water bags, electronic heaters, and other warm stuff to apply a hot compress to your abdomen. Like it has been mentioned, your persistence in this habit will pay you back as well.
6. Form healthy diet. A healthy diet plan is a decisive part of your life. For females to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease, there are also many tips about diet for them. 
During fever, light and easily digestible foods should be eaten. For females, pear juice, apple juice, watermelon juice and other drinks can be given, but iced drinking can not be allowed. Do not eat fried, baked, greasy, spicy things, seafood and so on. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as well.
Patients should pay attention to dietary conditioning in daily life, and they should eat more high-protein and high-vitamin food, such as lean meat, liver, tofu, fruits and vegetables, etc. Also, you should follow through with it. You will have a healthier and happier life if you do so.
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