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Do Not Ignore Pelvic Effusion -- Affects Menstruation And Even Infertility

Since ancient times, men have been masculine and women have been feminine, so women are the weak ones. While females have to face many complex diseases in daily life, when the female pelvic cavity is invaded by effusion, they will certainly suffer.

pelvic effusion

Understand the pelvic effusion.

In fact, pelvic effusion is not a disease or pelvic inflammation, but exactly it is a phenomenon, a symptom of fluid inside the pelvic cavity. Some women also have small amounts of fluid at certain times, one during menstruation, the other during ovulation. Do you know anything about this disease? Actually, pelvic effusion is divided into two kinds, physiological and pathological ones.

Physiological pelvic effusion.

The effusion of menstruation and ovulation period is normal, which belongs to physiologic effusion. And this kind of effusion harm is small without special treatment, which is because the physiologic effusion is usually a small amount of exudation of the pelvic and abdominal organs, rupture bleeding or leakage of fluid, which will disappear naturally.

Pathological pelvic effusion.

This is an abnormal effusion, mainly due to poor hygiene during menstruation, postpartum infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian or fallopian tube malignancy and other diseases. Because of the hidden disease in the body, the harm may be greater.
pelvic effusion
The harm of pelvic effusion.
1. The lower abdomen pain
When there is effusion in the pelvic cavity, the most obvious symptom is the presence of the lower abdomen swelling feeling, which occurs on one side or both sides. If the effusion does not subside on its own, chronic inflammation can form and pelvic congestion will cause pain in the lower abdomen.
2. Menstrual disorders
Excess congestion in the pelvic cavity may occur, and begin to affect normal menstruation, making it not in tune. Menstrual disorders will affect the female physical status, thus affecting their daily life and work.
3. Physical and mental torture
A series of pain caused by pelvic effusion makes patients feel uncomfortable, and psychological pressure becomes greater, accompanied by physical and mental suffering.
4. Infertility
Pelvic cavity stores the effusion, which will be easy to form the rapid spread of pathogenic bacteria, and with the continuous expansion of the effusion area, the ovary will also be damaged, and then lead to the blocked fallopian tube and fallopian tube inflammation, thus affecting the combination of eggs and sperm. When the fertilized eggs can not operate normally, it will affect female fertility, thus leading to infertility.
For the treatment of pelvic effusion, we recommend the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which is a useful natural medicine that can work well on treating pelvic effusion and pelvic inflammatory disease without leading to any side effects. 
It is working on the whole reproductive system, so it can improve the female menstruation and relieve abnormal pain as well as improve the female self-repair ability. Adhering to the medicine can help females get better soon.
pelvic effusion

Daily health care about pelvic effusion.

1. Before the gynecological surgery, females need to do the corresponding preparation, such as keeping the vulva clean, avoiding sexual intercourse and changing underwear on a regular basis.
2. Always pay attention to sufficient rest and personal hygiene. And avoid sexual life 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. 
3. Once the disease such as appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on is discovered, you should get timely treatment to avoid the disease from turning into a chronic one, which will speed up the formation of pelvic effusion.
4. Abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics is prohibited. For the vagina, the abuse will only change the normal vaginal balance, causing vaginitis, and then the pelvic effusion.
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