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Strapping Waist To Lose Weight After Childbirth May Cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Moms who worry about losing their shape after giving birth may rely on tights to lose weight, but slimming down and strapping their waists can be extremely harmful to them.


pelvic inflammatory disease

Strapping waist seriously affects maternal health.

Strapping waist after childbirth not only does not help to restore the tension of the abdominal wall, but also due to the increase of abdominal pressure, leads to the decreased posterior pelvic floor support on the reproductive organs, leading to uterine sagging, serious retroflexion and so on.
Due to the change of the normal position of the reproductive organs, the pelvic blood flow may be not smooth, and the body resistance may be decreased, then it will be easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, pelvic congestion syndrome and other gynecological diseases, which seriously affects the maternal health. 
Usually, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to solve pelvic inflammatory disease and related gynecological diseases. It works well on terminating inflammations and improving female health, and it won’t lead to any side effects.
pelvic inflammatory disease

Postpartum waist strapping is ineffective in restoring body shape.

Because of the reason of pregnancy, the metabolic function of pregnant woman body is exuberant. In addition to supply their own and fetal needs, they also need to store about 5 kilograms of fat distribution in the chest, abdomen, buttocks, for the third trimester, childbirth and lactation to provide energy. These fats do not disappear as quickly as possible due to the strapping waist.
Experts remind: Because of the influence of uterine expansion during pregnancy and abdominal wall relaxation, postpartum women usually need to recover for 6 to 8 weeks, so they are not suggested to strap their waist prematurely.
pelvic inflammatory disease

Danger of the waist strapping. 

Cause shortness of breath: When people breathe, not only the lungs naturally expand, abdomen also naturally rise and fall, so as to maximize the fresh air and exhaust gas breath, thereby ensuring the oxygen metabolism in the blood.
While waist strapping restricts abdominal undulation, equal to the exchange of oxygen inside the body set an obstacle, so the oxygen in the blood is supplied inadequately. In this case, your body can be affected. In particular, due to the lack of oxygen supply to the brain, the ability to think and react will be reduced as well, thus the efficiency of work will be reduced.
pelvic inflammatory disease
Cause digestive disorders: The waist strapping restricts the normal peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, affecting the full digestion of food, and thus restricting the absorption and supply of nutrients.
The waist strapping can also lead to decreased gastrointestinal blood supply, bringing about a variety of diseases, such as loss of appetite, increased gastric acid, abdominal distension, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, and so on. 
Therefore, postpartum women should avoid waist strapping, and the recommended method for postpartum weight loss is the diet. They can eat seaweed, soybeans, tomatoes and other foods to promote gastrointestinal digestion and discharge toxins from the body. But most importantly, women should pay attention to rest, do not deliberately lose weight, do not lose weight too much, so as not to hurt their own body.
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