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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Is The Predisposing Factor Of Irregular Menstruation
The predisposing factor of irregular menstruation is the object that female friend cares about very much, because when the female menstruation is not in tune, it can seriously affect females' life and work. In daily life, the pelvic inflammatory disease is a common predisposing factor of irregular menstruation.
Because of the long-term stimulation of inflammation, the pelvic inflammatory disease can affect the peeling, regeneration and repair of the endometrium, as well as the contraction of uterine blood vessels, resulting in irregular menstrual cycle, excessive menstrual volume, prolonged menstrual bleeding or irregular vaginal bleeding. 
irregular menstruation
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease includes chronic endometritis, chronic salpingo-ovaritis, chronic pelvic peritonitis and chronic pelvic connective tissue inflammation. No matter a few kinds of inflammation exist at the same time, or just one exists alone, all can cause menstruation maladjustment.
With chronic endometritis, due to the long-term stimulation of inflammation, it can also affect the normal endometrium development, as well as the contraction of uterine blood vessels, leading to excessive menstrual volume, prolonged menstrual bleeding or irregular vaginal bleeding. Pelvic congestion caused by pelvic inflammatory disease may lead to excessive amount of menstruation or epimenorrhea.
Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease, as the predisposing factor of irregular menstruation, needs to be treated in time. Early detection and early treatment can help you get recovered effectively.
To treat pelvic inflammatory disease, it is necessary to understand its causes. Commonly, there are many causes of pelvic inflammatory disease in clinical practice, which need to be paid much attention to.
pelvic inflammatory disease
Clinically, more common causes of pelvic inflammatory disease are as follows.
1. Infection after childbirth or miscarriage
After childbirth, the female is physically weak. When they don't pay enough attention to personal hygiene, or have sex too early, pathogens will invade the uterine cavity by means of female physical deficiency, easily causing infection and pelvic inflammatory disease. 
2. Infection after intrauterine operations
For example, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, submucosal myomectomy and so on. Before and after the surgery, if female have sexual life, it will be more likely to cause  pelvic inflammatory disease. Besides, informal surgical procedures can also lead to inflammation in women. So in any cases, females must choose regular hospital and experienced doctors before surgery.
If you unfortunately suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, getting timely treatment method must be given top priority to. Commonly, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be your first option, which is not only safe but also effective. 
This herbal medicine can effectively terminate multitudes of bacteria and viruses that can induce pelvic inflammatory disease in the female pelvic cavity. Besides, it can help female restore the body resistance and self-healing capacity. So its effects are comprehensive and marked.
Hope every woman can pay attention to their own pelvic health, and if you feel unwell and suffer from some constant abnormal symptoms, be sure to seek medical advice in time.

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