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Is There Any Effect Of Pelvic Effusion On Fetus?

In clinical practice, pelvic effusion is divided into physiological and pathological types.

Physiological pelvic effusion happens more after ovulation or early pregnancy, which can disappear on it own. So in this case, women can get well without treatment.
pelvic effusion
But most pelvic effusion is due to inflammation, which is caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. There are also a few cases caused by ectopic pregnancy rupture, luteal rupture, pelvic abscess, chocolate cysts, ovarian cancer and so on. Patients commonly suffer from lower abdominal pain (bilateral or unilateral), lumbosacral pain, etc.
Pay attention to effect of pelvic effusion on fetus.
If you have a large pelvic effusion after pregnancy, you don't need to be overly nervous. Effusion is a sign of some inflammation, but does not directly affect pregnancy. So it usually has no effect on the fetus. Inflammation can be treated after the childbirth.
Pelvic effusion is caused by inflammation, and doctors suggest that it is no need to get treated immediately during pregnancy. While regular pregnancy examination and postpartum treatment are recommended. But if there is a severe physiological reaction, a prenatal examination needs to be performed and a doctor can determine whether the treatment is needed.
If the pelvic effusion is physiological, you can not take medicine at will, which may have an effect on the fetus. In particular, many people tend to use antibiotics to treat the disease and inflammation, which actually can lead to side effects on the whole body. If things get worse, it can directly affect the normal development of the fetus, and may also lead to intrauterine infection, causing miscarriage or premature delivery.
So female friends should go to the regular hospital for examination and diagnosis, and do a good job of fetal protection. For the treatment of pelvic effusion and pelvic inflammatory disease, it is more recommended that you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get a cure without damage to you and the fetus.
This is a very helpful formula for women to improve gynecological inflammation, harmless and non-toxic. It can not only kill bacteria and viruses, but also improve female self-healing ability and immunity, so it plays a very important role in female health recovery.
Women should also pay attention to personal hygiene and maintain a healthy diet during the treatment. Especially for pregnant women, a healthy diet is related to the health of the newborn, so women must eat more healthy vegetables and fruits, supplement nutrition, protein, and other minerals needed by the body. 
Also avoid spicy food, cigarettes and alcohol. Women need to ensure healthy sleep and adequate rest in order to have a healthy body and a healthy baby in the future. Finally, I hope all of you can end in a happy family.

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