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How To Judge Acute Pelvic Inflammation And Chronic Pelvic Inflammation

Pelvic inflammation is a common female disease, which is very common in sexually active women. With the change of lifestyle and poor hygiene habits and other factors, the incidence of pelvic inflammation has gradually increased, and it implies a younger trend.


Pelvic inflammation can be divided into acute and chronic types. Acute pelvic inflammation is more easily treated than chronic pelvic inflammation. 


pelvic inflammation


Early signs of acute pelvic inflammation: 


Patients with acute pelvic inflammation have different clinical manifestations due to the different extent and severity of inflammation involvement. Patients often feel lower abdominal pain, accompanied by fever, severe chills, high fever, headache, poor appetite and so on. Vaginal discharge gets increased and becomes purulent with odor.


If there is abscess formation, which is located in the uterus, it will oppress the bladder and cause urinary urgency or difficulty urinating. If the abscess is located in the rectum, causing the uterus to sag, the patient will have a heavy feeling of stool bulging.


Early signs of chronic pelvic inflammation:


Chronic pelvic inflammation is often caused by incomplete treatment in the acute phase, which has longer onset duration and persistent symptoms. The main symptoms of chronic pelvic inflammation are lower abdominal swelling, pain and lumbosacral soreness, which can be aggravated after fatigue, sexual intercourse and menstruation.


Secondly, female patients will have abnormal menstruation due to pelvic congestion, and they may experience low energy, physical discomfort, insomnia and other neurasthenia symptoms. In more serious cases, it will lead to infertility or tubal pregnancy, seriously affecting female health.


pelvic inflammation


When does a woman get pelvic inflammation?


In real life, not all women will get pelvic inflammation, because the human reproductive system has a natural defense. Under normal circumstances, it is able to fight against the invasion of bacteria. Pelvic inflammation can occur only when the body's resistance is reduced, or when a woman's natural defenses are destroyed for other reasons.


What can you do if you get pelvic inflammation?


Getting treated in time should always be given top priority. Generally, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get a complete cure, which is effective and secure for human body. This is a natural herbal formula that has widely accepted in clinical practice, so you can take it safely.




Pay attention to personal hygiene. Clean vulva with warm water every day to keep it clean and dry. And keep clean before and after sexual intercourse.


Pay attention to healthy diet. Avoid excessive weight loss caused by dieting, which can decrease the body resistance and increase the risk of pelvic inflammation.



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