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Pelvic Inflammation Prevention -- Do Not Harm The Body During Menstruation

The reason why women develop pelvic inflammation is often related to their own diseases, such as vulvae inflammation or vaginitis and so on. If these gynecological diseases are not treated in time and the treatment is delayed for a long time, the inflammations will spread to the pelvic cavity, which will lead to pelvic inflammation in women. 


In addition, if female patients simply treat pelvic inflammation, while other inflammation are not eliminated completely, it will also lead to the recurrence of pelvic inflammation. So you girls must pay attention to the gynecological health, and have a regular gynecological examination. If there is a gynecological disease, you need a timely treatment such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, so as to avoid the troubles of pelvic inflammation.



Women menstruate every month, and their menstruation is a very special period. If it is not well maintained, it will be very easy to lead to inflammation of the private part. The existence of menstrual blood in the private part is very easy to breed bacteria, and the bacteria that can slowly spread to the pelvic cavity of women will lead to pelvic inflammation.


Do not do harm to your body during menstruation. For example, don't have sex during your period, don't eat spicy food, drink or smoke during the period. You should pay attention to your personal hygiene during menstruation, or use regular sanitary napkins during menstruation and change sanitary napkins in time.


Be sure to avoid the growth of bacteria to cut off the possibility of infection. Some women are more casual in their sex life, but if you want to prevent pelvic inflammation, you must refuse unclean sexual behaviors, keep yourself clean, and choose loyal and single sexual partner.


In addition, both men and women should do a good job of cleaning before sexual life. If there is not bathing condition, both you two should wash the vulva carefully. Also, you must use reasonable methods of contraception. Condom is one of them, which can not only avoid the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, but also effectively reduce the possibility of gynecological diseases.


As for effective prevention of pelvic inflammation, you can also participate in all kinds of physical activities like running, mountain climbing and other endurance training, to enhance the body resistance.



Most women have the habit of staying up late, especially office females. Multiplied work tasks will allow yourself to stay up all night, but you may not realize staying up all night leads to many physical problems, which not only let the organ function decline, but also can disrupt endocrine and hormone secretion. 


In this case, it is easy to cause the body's immunity to decline and result in the pelvic cavity being invaded by germs, thus leading to pelvic inflammation. So you should rest more and avoid overwork. Health is the capital, please take care of your body.


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