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Four Clues About Pelvic Inflammatory Disease In Women
In the early stages of a disease, there are abnormalities that people feel, and those are the warning signs of the disease. With this information in mind, you can pinpoint your problem and find a solution.
So what are the abnormal phenomena of pelvic inflammatory disease? Please pay attention to these four clues.
1. Menstrual disorder
The main symptom of pelvic inflammation is irregular menstruation. Because the endometrium is congested in the early period, menorrhagia may occur. If the disease has been existing for a long time, with the endometrium being damaged to some extent, there will be menstrual sparse or even amenorrhea.
2. Abdominal pain
Pain and swelling in the lower abdomen can occur in patients with pelvic inflammatory disease, which is caused by pelvic congestion or scarring. The painful feeling will be distinctly aggravated after sex, work and menstruation.
3. Infertility
Clinically, a lot of people discover pelvic inflammatory disease because of the long-term infertility. Doctors point out that pelvic inflammation will destroy the mucous membrane of the fallopian tube, causing the fallopian tube adhesion, so that it loses the normal function of egg transfusion, thus affecting the conception. But this generally happens in more serious situations. In general, patients with mild pelvic inflammatory disease can still get pregnant normally.
4. General symptoms
These symptom are atypical and may present as low fever and tiredness. If the disease lasts for a long time, some patients will also experience neurasthenia symptoms.
What problems will pelvic inflammatory disease bring to females?
1. Ectopic pregnancy
Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause the mucosal adhesion of lining of the fallopian tube, resulting in narrowing or closure of the lumen. In this case, the movement of the egg, sperm or fertilized egg will be impeded, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy.
2. Dysmenorrhea
Because pelvic inflammatory disease involves all internal parts of the reproductive organs, including the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. So the range of dysmenorrhea caused by the disease is very big, and the main manifestations include bilateral upper abdomen persistent pain, which can be radiated to the waist, sometimes accompanied by anal swellings.
3. Pain in sexual life
When having sexual life, the male slightly will cause the female pelvic cavity deep impact pain, making the female feel no pleasant sensation. The sexual pain can be aggravated by the intensity and frequency of sexual behaviors.
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