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Pelvic Inflammation Can Easily Turn Into Chronic Disease

Women who do not pay attention to personal hygiene and sexual habits will be easy to catch diseases, and pelvic inflammation is the most typical representative in clinical practice. 


It is well known that if acute pelvic inflammation is not treated thoroughly and effectively, it may lead to prolonged disease and turn into chronic pelvic inflammation. And it will repeatedly attack, and even become tiger in the road when it comes to pregnancy.



But some patients often think they are cured after their symptoms get improved to a certain degree and stop taking the drugs, but they only end in regretting it when the disease starts to surge again.


If pelvic inflammation is not diagnosed timely and treated correctly, the sequelae of pelvic inflammation, known as chronic pelvic inflammation, may occur. The main pathological changes range over tissue destruction, extensive adhesion, hyperplasia and scar formation, leading to:


1.Tubal obstruction and thickening.

2.Tubal and ovarian adhesion, forming tubal and ovarian mass.

3.Tubal umbrella end atresia, being replaced by serous exudate to form fallopian tube water or tubal ovarian cyst.

4.Hyperplasia and thickening of the main and sacral ligaments


If the lesion is extensive, it will lead to problems like:


1.Female infertility: tubal adhesion and obstruction can give rise to infertility.


2.Ectopic pregnancy: the incidence of ectopic pregnancy after pelvic inflammation is 8 to 10 times higher than that in normal women.


3.Chronic pelvic pain: adhesion, scar and pelvic floor congestion caused by pelvic inflammation can often result in abdominal swelling, pain and lumbosacral soreness, which can be aggravated after fatigue, sexual intercourse and around menstruation.


4.Repeated pelvic inflammatory problems: as a result of the destruction of the fallopian tube tissue structure and decreased local defense function caused by pelvic problems, if the patient is still at the same high risk, it can lead to re-infection and recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease. Statistics show that about 25% of people with a history of pelvic inflammatory disease will have another attack.



If you are bothered by pelvic inflammation for a long time, it may have been a chronic problem now. So you need a more suitable treatment for the sake of your body health. Commonly, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to better treat your problems, which works well on chronic symptoms and relieve painful symptoms of female body. 


Treating pelvic inflammation completely is not a pie in the sky, you need to peg away at the treatment and form good daily habits. Your efforts will pay off if you do so for a long period of time. Wish you be healthy.



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