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Does Pregnancy Induce Pelvic Effusion? Notice These Factors

Pelvic effusion is a condition that a lot of women can suffer from. Sometimes it can cause mild abdominal pain in women. Although pelvic effusion in most cases is not a disease, it still has some impact on women's lives.


When women get pregnant, do they need to watch out pelvic effusion? Doctors point out that some women do experience pelvic effusion after pregnancy. And with the going of gestational weeks, the volume of pelvic effusion will also increase. While this is a normal physiological reaction, and most pregnant women will have such symptom, which will subside generally after childbirth.



There's just one thing to be aware of, which is before the childbirth, if the volume of pelvic effusion exceeds normal range greatly, you should be about to consider whether it is pathologic fluid. If this is is the case, you should get treated in time. And you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get yourself cured completely. Due to its natural property, it won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance. So it is relatively safe and effective for women with pregnancy condition.


In daily life, female friends should watch out the following factors that can induce the pelvic effusion. If needed, get sufficient prevention measures right now.


1. Catch a cold.


If women are affected by cold for a long time, it may lead to the stomach cold, then affect the endocrine function, lead to endocrine disorders, and induce the occurrence of pelvic effusion.


2. Have induced abortion.


After a woman has an induced abortion, she must rest for at least half a month. Some women rush to work without sufficient rest, it then affects the discharge of extravasation inside uterus, and causes extravasation to stay inside pelvic cavity to form effusion. And this kind of effusion is pathological in most cases, which is easy to cause symptoms such as abnormal leucorrhea and fever.


3. Have too much stress.


For females with long-term mental stress, the hormone level in the body can become unbalanced, which will cause some adverse reactions in the body, and may also include the emergence of pelvic effusion.



To get yourself back to normal, in addition to getting a timely treatment, you should notice the daily conditioning. Women can increase their intake of protein and vitamins, which will help to enhance their physical fitness. Women also need to develop the habit of frequently changing underwear, and do a good job of personal hygiene.


During menstruation, female friends must avoid sexual life, and have more rest. Don't stay up late as much as you can. If you stick to these health daily habits, you will end in health and lead a happy life. So keep at it anyway.




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