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Crossing Your Legs May Damage The Private Area And Pelvic Cavity

When people sit down, they will habitually cross their legs, especially some women who wear short skirts, to make the sitting position a little bit sexier. But female friends should notice that often crossing your legs may be easy to bring harm to the private part and pelvic cavity.


Damage to private part



To sit like this, you need to cross your legs together, which will make the leg muscles in a tense contraction. This condition has great harm to private part. One is that it can lead to oppression on female private part. Secondly, it will lead to local heat in the private part, which slows down its heat dissipation rate and causes the increase of the body temperature in the private part.


If the female private temperature is increased, and the environment is not breathable enough, it will be easy to form a humid and stuffy situation, resulting in a large number of bacterial reproduction, resulting in inflammations in the vulva, vagina and other parts, thus causing gynecological inflammations.


Damage to pelvic cavity


Women sitting with their legs crossed every day will affect the circulation of qi and blood in the pelvic organs, resulting in poor pelvic blood circulation, which ultimately easily leads to the occurrence of adnexitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.


What's more, women who suffer from menstrual cramps should stop this behavior as well, or the cramps may become more severe.


In addition to these two points, crossing your legs too often can cause spinal damage to some extent. It is easy to cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases. Therefore, it is better for women to stop crossing their legs as soon as possible.


Of course, you should also avoid sitting for too long. The negative effects of long-term sitting and crossing your legs are not to be ignored, as these habits can put pressure on your organs, causing congestion and making you more prone to inflammatory problems.



Similarly, female friends who often hold urine and have sexual life too frequently are also more likely to suffer from organic congestion and end up with inflammations. So all of these bad habits should be avoid as soon as possible.


If you are unluckily suffer from pelvic problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease, you should get treated in time, and dont hesitate to consult your doctor. Usually, you can take the Fuyan Pill to get this disease well solved, which is a herbal medicine that works well on the female urogenital system.


This herbal pill is able to kill various bacteria and viruses, improve the female pelvic health, adjust blood circulation, correct the menstrual period, and leads to no side effects during the treatment. So it is absolutely a safe and effective treatment method for female patients.


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