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Notice Menstrual Diet Taboo, Please Eat Correctly

Menstruation is a special period for women, which can affect their normal life. After menstruation, the vagina will discharge menstrual blood, and even give women pain and other discomfort.


But actually menstruation is the process of detoxification, and the menstrual blood discharged is not only shed endometrium and blood, but also contains some uterine garbage and waste, which is beneficial to the uterus. So you should do menstrual health care, special attention must be paid to on food.



1. Avoid raw and cold food


Many women love to eat ice cream, ice cream and other frozen food, women are not suitable for eating raw and cold food, when healthy should eat less, let alone menstrual period. During this period, women will feel particularly afraid of cold, once they catch a cold, they will be prone to dysmenorrhea.


Because a large number of cold invasion of the body will lead to the accumulation of a large number of cold in the body, resulting in pelvic vascular atrophy, and eventually cause menstrual disorders or dysmenorrhea. For the sake of health, raw and cold food are what women during menstrual period should not touch.


2. Avoid carbonated drinks


Many people love to drink carbonated drinks, do not love to drink plain boiled water, because the choice of carbonated drinks have different tastes, which taste better. But from the health point of view, had better not often drink carbonated drinks, especially in the menstrual period of women.


Because carbonated drinks contain a lot of phosphate, drinking too much these things will affect the body's absorption of iron, as you know that the menstrual blood has carried away a lot of iron. As a result, women's iron deficiency symptoms become more and more serious, thus leading to women's weakness, poor spirit and other discomfort.


In addition, excessive carbonated drinks will also affect the digestion of gastric acid and bactericidal ability, affecting women's normal diet. Menstrual women are uncomfortable and unable not eat them. If they have acid digestion problems, their appetite will be even lower, which will affect their nutritional intake.



3. Avoid spicy food


Many women love to eat spicy, and they think adding pepper in food will be more delicious, such as grilled fish, kebabs, chicken and so on. Daily proper spicy food can help to improve beauty and detoxification, but during the menstrual period, females can not eat them.


Because spicy food stimulation is strong, which will stimulate the pelvic cavity, resulting in congestion. It is easy to cause menstrual irregularity, manifested as dysmenorrhea, longer menstrual cycle, increased menstrual blood and so on. These can also be the results of pelvic inflammation.


In this case, females can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to get pelvic inflammation solved, which is a natural formula that won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance. It helps females to solve inflammation and improve the menstrual period. So you can rely on it.


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