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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Nursing Methods

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a gynecological disease with many complications. It can be divided into acute and chronic. Especially for acute PID, it can be life-threatening if it is not treated in time, and there are many complications. In order to prevent PID, what are the nursing methods for PID?


Nursing Methods for PID



1. Develop good genital cleansing habits.


Keep the perineum clean and dry, and wash the vulva with warm water every night. Do not wash the vulva with soap or various care solutions, so as not to affect the self-defense mechanism of the genitals.


It is necessary to make a special basin, do not wash the vagina with your hands, and it is not recommended to use a douche to wash the vagina. This will damage the self-defense mechanism of the vagina, cause flora imbalance, and lead to infection. When the hydraulic pressure is too high, the bacteria-carrying flushing fluid is directly poured into the uterine cavity, resulting in acute PID.


Studies have shown that women who frequently do vaginal douches have a high incidence of PID. In PID, the leucorrhea amount is large and the quality is sticky. So, change underwear frequently, do not wear tight-fitting, chemical fiber underwear, or use an easy-to-use pad. The pad will affect the perineal ventilation and respiration, and it is easy to breed bacterial infection. 


2. Maintaining an optimistic attitude.


The genitals of reproductive system contain pathogenic bacteria. When physique is relatively strong, women usually will not get the disease. However, due to some reasons, the resistance will decrease, and sometimes the pathogenic bacteria will multiply and cause PID. Fuyan Pill can be taken for treatment.


In the case of mental stress, depression, and poor physical condition, it is easy to suffer from various diseases, and PID is no exception. Doctors should explain disease knowledge patiently, care and comfort patients, emphasize the importance of thorough treatment and encourage patients to actively cooperate with diagnosis, treatment and nursing.



3. Precautions for daily care.


Strengthen nutrition by taking in high-protein, easily digestible and nutritious foods. Supplement water and calories, and maintain water and electrolyte balance. Build confidence and know the importance of active cooperation and adhere to treatment. Rest in bed during an acute attack, and take a semi-recumbent position to facilitate the inflammation confined to the pelvic cavity. Disinfect and isolate the bedside, keep the perineum clean and dry, and disinfect the perineal pads, bedpans, and bedding in time.


4. Symptomatic treatment.


Traditional herbal medicine such as Fuyan Pill is mainly used to clear away heat, relieve dampness, detoxify, and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis. The medication should be continued after the symptoms disappear to consolidate the effect.


If the symptoms do not significantly improve or continue to worsen, chills, high fever, nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, it suggesting that there is an abscess formation or abscess rupture, report them to the physician immediately. It is particularly important to observe the body temperature, disease changes, drug efficacy, and toxic and side effects in time during the treatment process.



5. Food.


Patients with PID should be cautious about diet. It is advisable to eat a light and easy-to-digest diet during fever. Pear juice, apple juice, watermelon juice, etc. can be given with high fever and body fluids, but do not drink cold juice. Patients with yellowish vaginal discharge, large quantity, and thick quality, belong to damp-heat syndrome. So, avoid fried food, grilled greasy, and spicy food.


For patients with cold abdomen, fear of cold, and backache, they can be given warm foods such as ginger soup, brown sugar water, and cinnamon meat in their diet. People with upset heat and low back pain are mostly kidney deficiency. They can eat meat, eggs, flesh and blood and sentimental products to nourish and strengthen body.


6. Rational use of antibiotics


The nursing measures for PID also include some patients who suffer from chronic PID and feel a little discomfort, so they take antibiotics by themselves. Long-term use of antibiotics will cause disorders of the vaginal flora and develop drug resistance. This causes an increase in vaginal discharge. At this time, go to a hospital to rule out fungal vaginitis.

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