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Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Patients Drink Yogurt?

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) refers to inflammation of female pelvic reproductive organs, the connective tissue around the uterus, and pelvic peritoneum. Chronic PID is often caused by incomplete treatment in the acute phase. Because of its long onset time and stubborn condition, bacteria in the vulva can be retrogradely infected and reach the pelvic cavity through the uterus and fallopian tubes.


In patients with PID, inflammation is mainly caused by postpartum or post-abortion infection, poor menstrual hygiene, or other conditions. Patients will especially experience lower abdominal pain, fever, increased secretions, and some will have persistent abdominal pain, and the pain will increase after menstruation or sex.



Can patients with PID drink yogurt?


For women with PID, it is possible to drink yogurt. Whether it is in the acute or chronic stage of PID, drinking yogurt will not harm PID. It will neither aggravate pelvic inflammation nor spread PID. It is because drinking yogurt is mainly to replenish the body's energy and moisturize the intestines.


Because after drinking yogurt, patients can supplement some probiotics in the intestines, thereby increasing intestinal peristalsis, so women with acute PID and apparent constipation can drink more yogurt to promote smooth stool. The PID can be cured quickly only after the stool is unblocked. For women with chronic PID, the intestinal peristalsis may be slowed down so that chronic inflammation stimulation patients can drink yogurt every day.



Yogurt is a very nutritious food. It can supplement calcium and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis so that the body can digest faster. Especially when the patient has constipation, drinking yogurt can improve constipation. But patients also need to know that they can't drink too much cold yogurt when drinking yogurt. Patients should put the yogurt at room temperature before drinking it because patients with PID cannot overeat cold food.


Patients with PID should strengthen physical fitness, eat lightly, and avoid spicy and greasy food. Patients can eat more fish and other protein supplements. Such foods can increase immunity. Patients can also take herbal medicine such as Fuyan Pill to regulate the body so that the body's internal operations are more coordinated, which is more conducive to the treatment of PID.



Precautions for PID


In addition to diet, patients with PID should also be cautious about their daily lives. If patients want a faster recovery from PID, they can choose self-treatment, such as washing the perineum every day. When washing, use a personal basin. Patients can't wash perineum with soap, let alone use hands. Wash the inside of the vagina. If patients have more vaginal discharge, change the underwear frequently and do not wear tight-fitting clothes. During the menstrual period, abortion, ring removal, other gynecological operations, swimming, bathing, and sexual life must be prohibited. If it is chronic PID, do not be too tired.


Patients suffering from acute PID should be treated in time to avoid turning into chronic PID due to delays in the treatment period. Patients with chronic PID should adopt the most effective treatment for their bodies and treat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will spread the infection, cause inflammation such as adnexitis, and quickly lead to infertility.


After a female suffers from PID, a detailed examination of the male partner should also be carried out to see if the male partner has some genital diseases. If there is one, treat it by, because when a man has some condition, the disease will reappear when a woman recovers from the disease. In addition, the secretion test and the cultivation of the pathogen must be carried out. The two kinds of examinations can test the characteristics of the bacteria. And then, an ultrasound examination is required, through which the severity of PID can be seen.


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