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Infection after Abortion is Likely to Cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a common gynecological disease divided into acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases. It is usually the case that acute pelvic inflammatory disease occurs first. If the acute pelvic inflammatory disease is not treated in time, it will turn into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, which is more challenging to treat. So, what are the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease? How does TCM treat pelvic inflammatory disease?



Infection after postpartum or abortion easy to accrue pelvic inflammatory disease


1. Direct spread of inflammation from neighboring organs


When appendicitis and peritonitis are present, the inflammation can spread directly and cause pelvic inflammatory disease due to their proximity to female internal reproductive organs. The inflammation can also pass through the lymphatic circulation and cause pelvic connective tissue inflammation when suffering from chronic cervicitis.


2. Infection after intrauterine surgical operation


The pelvic inflammatory disease may occur after intrauterine surgery, such as placement or removal of intrauterine contraceptive ring, curettage, tubal drainage, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, submucosal hysterectomy, etc. Due to preoperative sexual life or lack of strict surgical disinfection or improper selection of preoperative indications, the original chronic inflammation of the reproductive tract may cause acute attacks and spread due to surgical interference. Some patients ignore personal hygiene after the operation or do not follow the doctor's instructions after the operation, which can also cause bacterial infections and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.


3. Poor menstrual hygiene


If women ignore menstrual hygiene, use dirty sanitary napkins and pads, take a tub bath during their period, have sexual intercourse, etc., the pathogens can invade and cause inflammation. Women should notice their vulva hygiene and personal cleanliness; use pH4 weak acidic feminine care solution to clean the vulva daily, and prevent infection from the sanitary ware and bathroom.


4. Infection after childbirth or abortion


After delivery, the mother is weak, and the cervical opening is not closed in time because there is residual blood and fluid outflow. There is a placental stripping surface in the uterine cavity, and the birth canal is damaged due to the delivery, placenta and fetal membrane residue, etc. It is easy to cause infection. If women have sex too early after delivery, the pathogens will invade the uterine cavity and easily cause infection. Post-abortion infection can occur after spontaneous abortion, prolonged vaginal bleeding during a medical abortion, residual tissue in the uterine cavity, or an aseptic operation of abortion.


5. Acute attack of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.



Complications caused by pelvic inflammatory disease


1. Ectopic pregnancy


Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to pathological changes in the fallopian tubes. Tubal surgery can directly affect the peristalsis, patency, and egg collection of the fallopian tubes, which will directly affect the normal function of the fallopian tubes and become an essential factor in ectopic pregnancy.


2. Genitourinary system infection


Due to anatomical and physiological characteristics, women are prone to urinary system infections, such as acute and chronic pyelonephritis, gonorrhea, cervicitis, and cervical erosion.


3. Ovarian cysts in the fallopian tubes


When the tubal infection spreads to the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and ovaries adhere to form inflammatory masses. The umbilical ends of the fallopian tubes adhere to the ovaries and are used to pass. The fluid leaks out to form tubal-ovarian cysts.


4. Ectopic pregnancy


Due to the damage of the fallopian tube by inflammation, its function of fertilized egg collection and transmission is affected. Therefore, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy increases significantly after PID and is 7-10 times higher than those who have not had PID.


5. Abnormal IUD


This disease is an aspect that causes back pain in women that cannot be ignored. The abnormalities of IUD include the type of IUD that does not match with the uterine cavity, the IUD is too elastic, or the IUD is in an abnormal position. Improper IUDs are embedded in the uterine cavity, stimulating the uterine wall and reflexively causing back pain. In this regard, the IUD can be removed and replaced.


Are there any advantages of Chinese medicine in treating pelvic inflammatory disease?


Chinese medicine, such as the herbal Fuyan Pill, is now also the treatment of choice for many female patients. Chinese medicine can nourish the body in more ways to promote better recovery. At the same time, it can also significantly reduce the recurrence rate of the disease.


1. Accurate positioning. The old Chinese medicine doctors follow the Four Diagnostic Methods of TCM—look, listen, question, and feel the pulse. For more than a few dozen years, they can accurately locate the germs of the typing detection, give accurate characterization, and achieve rapid treatment.


2. Quickly get rid of the disease. The prescription is based on the patient's unique individual detailed analysis and allocation. The targeted drug effect can quickly kill the deep tissue microorganisms and inflammatory cells in the effective control of inflammation and the rapid elimination of lesions.


3. The curative effect is exact. TCM treats both symptoms and root causes, comprehensively and effectively killing pathogenic bacteria, enhancing human immunity, local acid-base balance to achieve the purpose of eliminating inflammation.


4. Comprehensive approach. The use of massage, acupuncture, and other traditional Chinese medicine auxiliary treatment means and Chinese medicine lotion, "wash, apply, irrigation, take" organic combination, symptomatic classification treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, safe, painless, complete, no recurrence.


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