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Is Back Pain in Women a Gynecological Disease? Aware of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease!


What gynecological diseases are associated with back pain in women?


1. Pelvic inflammatory disease


When inflammation of pelvic tissue occurs, such as chronic adnexitis, pelvic peritonitis, uterosacral ligament, or connective tissue inflammation, patients often experience low back pain due to inflammation stimulation. When the uterine cervix is inflamed, it causes lumbar pain under the inspiration of inflammation, along with symptoms such as increased leucorrhea, local itching, and tingling.


Most pelvic inflammatory diseases are caused by bacterial infection. If left untreated, it may induce many gynecological diseases and cause irreparable harm to a woman's body.


Pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated in three ways, one is physical therapy, one is medication, and one is surgery. The specific type of treatment used depends on the condition of the pelvic inflammatory disease patient and the cause of the disease to choose.


In milder cases of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, medication combined with physical therapy can treat the condition. For medicine, patients can choose the safe and harmless Fuyan Pill. The main ingredients of Fuyan Pill are natural herbs, which will not harm the body with long-term use. If there is a lump pelvis, patients need to use surgery to treat it. The reason is that this back to cure completely, the chances of recurrence will be smaller.


2. Uterus position abnormal


The normal position of the uterus is forward-flexed. Suppose the uterus is retroflexed and its function is abnormally changed. In that case, the ligaments supporting the uterus in the body are subjected to excessive traction, and some nerves are also compressed, which can cause back pain. 


If the uterus prolapsed, the uterus is displaced downward along with the vagina. The pressure in the abdominal cavity increases due to the weakness of the pelvic supporting tissues and reduced tension, resulting in a feeling of falling and lumbar pain due to pulling.


3. Pelvic tumor


Suppose tumors appear in the pelvis, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian tumors. The tumor presses on the nerves, or the cancer cells infiltrate into the pelvic connective tissue. In that case, lumbago can occur, and the pain will increase with the increase of the tumor.


4. Pregnancy disease


After a woman is pregnant, the lumbar support force increases continuously as the fetus increases month by month. The long-time mechanical action will lead to the gradual relaxation of the ligaments. The enlarged uterine cavity compresses the pelvic nerves and blood vessels, which will also lead to lumbar pain.


5. Fertility factors


Women who have too many births, too many abortions, or uncontrolled and too frequent sex can cause deficiency of kidney energy, leading to lumbago.


6. Puerperal period strain


Excessive bleeding during the puerperium, premature labor, extreme fatigue, cold, etc., can also cause low back pain.


7. Cold during menstruation and after childbirth


Women suffering from rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis are often attacked by wind, dampness, and cold during menstruation, childbirth, and postpartum, resulting in long bone spurs in the spine and inducing lumbago.


8. Urinary tract infection


Because the urethra of women is short and straight, and the external opening of the urethra is close to the anus. There are often E. coli bacteria parasites coupled with female physiological characteristics. There are more chances of contamination of the urethral opening, and if hygiene is neglected, urinary tract infections are likely to occur. 


Low back pain is mainly caused by acute and chronic pyelonephritis, manifesting as lumbar swelling and pain, and in severe cases, radiating along the ureter to the perineum. In addition to urinary tract infections, urinary stones, tuberculosis, and other disorders can also cause low back pain.


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