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Many Sequelae of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Treat from 5 Aspects!

Pelvic inflammatory disease is inflammation that occurs in the pelvic reproductive organs and surrounding connective tissues. It usually occurs at one or more places at the same time. It is a common and frequently-occurring disease in women. Pelvic inflammatory disease is challenging to treat and can cause a series of complications, which seriously affect female physical and mental health.

What are the sequelae of pelvic inflammatory disease?

1. Cause chronic pelvic pain
More than 30% of patients with the pelvic inflammatory disease can develop chronic pelvic pain related to inflammation-induced adhesions and scars. The main symptoms are lower abdomen or back pain and vaginal discomfort.

2. Affect fertility
Pelvic inflammation can easily cause damage to the lining of the fallopian tube, resulting in decreased ciliary movement or fibrosis and occlusion of the fallopian tube, hindering the union of sperm and egg. In addition, pelvic inflammatory disease can also induce endometritis, affecting the implantation of fertilized eggs, even if fertilized. The egg is also unstable after implantation in the uterus.
3. Causes sexual aversion or frigidity
Inflammation can cause pelvic adhesions and pain during sex. Over time, women will become sexually frigid or sexually disgusted, which seriously affects family harmony.
How to treat pelvic inflammatory disease?

1. Receive psychotherapy
Pelvic inflammatory disease is more challenging to treat, so women should face the condition correctly. Relieve ideological worries in time, establish confidence in overcoming disorders, take in nutrition for the body in an all-around way, take part in more physical exercises to enhance physical fitness, and care the combination of work and rest.
2. Choose medication
In treating chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the primary choice is to clear away heat and relieve dampness, such as herbal medicine Fuyan pills. Fuyan Pills can remove damp-heat from the body and improve the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease. 
Fuyan Pills have anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, eliminating pelvic inflammation and developing medicine to cure the disease. After curing with Fuyan Pill for some time, the patient can prepare for pregnancy and increase the chance of natural pregnancy.
3. Physiotherapy
The warm and benign stimulation can speed up local blood circulation, provide adequate nutrition for the tissues, increase the basal metabolic rate, and promote the absorption and resolution of inflammation. Commonly used physical therapies include shortwave and ultrashortwave, as well as wax therapy and iontophoresis.
4. Local Blocking
Local injection of drugs can block inflammation irritation to the lesion, improve tissue nutrition, and promote inflammation absorption. It is also possible to inject placental tissue fluid, strengthening resistance and accelerating the dissipation of inflammation.
5. Surgical treatment
If a tubal ovarian cyst or hydrops accompany it, it can be treated by surgery. If there is a minor infection focus, recurrent inflammation in a short period also needs to be treated by surgery, which can remove the remaining principles and prevent the recurrence of the disease.
What should patients with pelvic inflammatory disease notice?

1. Moderately clean
Failure to pay attention to local cleanliness and hygiene and contact with pathogens can easily cause pelvic inflammatory disease. If women take a long bath or wash the vagina indiscriminately, it will disturb the flora environment and instead allow pathogenic bacteria to take advantage of the deficiency. Care the hygiene at ordinary times. Just wash with warm water.
2. Adhere to the treatment
Once diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, women should choose regular hospitals and doctors with rich clinical experience for treatment. Patients must maintain a calm mind during the entire treatment process, face the disease correctly, and not be overly nervous. Don't try out the remedies and secret recipes at will, and do not stop the treatment suddenly. Otherwise, the best treatment time will be delayed.
Warm Tips
Women should pay attention to menstrual period and postpartum hygiene, change underwear and sanitary napkins frequently to prevent the invasion of wind and cold, and avoid overwork. Keep diet light, eat more nutritious foods, such as soy products, eggs, milk, and lean meats, and stay away from cold and irritating foods. 
Do not have sex during menstruation, or it will cause infection; reduce unnecessary gynecological examinations, or it will spread inflammation. Patients with acute pelvic inflammatory disease must be treated thoroughly. Otherwise, it will become chronic. Participate in physical exercises to enhance physical fitness so as not to be infected with other germs.

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