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Three Dangers of Female Pelvic Effusion

The pelvic cavity is the cradle for a woman to conceive and for babies to grow. It needs to be appropriately maintained. In recent years, the incidence of pelvic diseases has increased. More and more women are troubled by gynecological disorders, and pelvic effusion is also one of them. Pelvic effusion is divided into physiological pelvic effusion and pathological pelvic effusion. 

The former pelvic effusion mostly occurs in women after ovulation or early pregnancy. Generally, it's no more than 10mm and can disappear naturally in most cases. No treatment is necessary, and pathological effusion is mainly caused by pelvic cavity inflammation. No matter what kind of disease it is, once it occurs, it will bring specific harm to the body. 
What harm does pelvic effusion do?
1. Physical and Mental Torture
Patients often feel uncomfortable because of the symptoms of pelvic effusion. Some patients are also accompanied by severe psychological pressure and are tortured physically and mentally. Pelvic effusion often causes lower abdominal pain, anal bulge, low back pain, soreness increased leucorrhea, or sudden severe lower abdominal pain gradually turns into bulging pain, aggravated pain during activities, etc. 
2. Harm Other Organs
If a woman with pelvic effusion is not treated in time, it can cause inflammation in the surrounding tissue of the pelvis and spread to other organs in the pelvic area. If there is usually lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain, increased leucorrhea, lower abdominal tenderness, and cord-like thickening during the gynecological examination, chronic pelvic effusion is considered, and active treatment is required to prevent the aggravation of inflammation and the increase in the amount of effusion.
3. Lead to Infertility
Pelvic effusion will affect women's fertility and lead to the occurrence of infertility. If there is a chronic infection, it may be inflammation of the gynecological system, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes, or it may be caused by tuberculosis or tumors. If not treated in time, it can spread to the fimbriae of the fallopian tubes, causing inflammatory adhesions, blockage of the fallopian tubes, etc., resulting in infertility. 
Furthermore, if the pelvic effusion is not treated in time and effectively, it will cause the rapid spread of pathogenic bacteria. The pelvic effusion area will expand, hindering the normal operation of sperm, eggs, and fertilized eggs, leading to salpingitis and fertility.
Because pelvic effusion often causes females to have lower abdominal pain, anal bulge, low back pain, or sudden lower abdominal pain that gradually turns into bulging pain and other symptoms. It will seriously affect the normal life of female friends. It brings a lot of inconvenience to them, so female friends must hurry up for treatment after suffering from this disease. 
If the effusion is caused by inflammation in the pelvic cavity, women can choose the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment. The pills are made of Chinese herbs, which are safe and effective, with no side effects. Herbs Fuyan Pill is a traditional but practical and natural home remedy for treating inflammations of the female reproductive system and multiple gynecological diseases and has useful functions in eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat, and promoting blood circulation.
As a woman, you must first learn to cherish yourself. If you have pathological pelvic effusion, you must pay attention to timely treatment so as not to aggravate the condition, make treatment more complex, and eventually lead to infertility. To have a healthy baby, you must first have a healthy body. Mastering the correct knowledge of gynecological diseases is also something that women should notice. They must learn to protect themselves and prevent various diseases.
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