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Is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Related to Bad Habits?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is inflammation of internal genitalia, surrounding connective tissue, and pelvic peritoneum. Nowadays, pelvic inflammatory disease is constantly increasing, which has a particular relationship with the accelerated pace of life. Many people have developed bad habits because of their busy lives and work. Correcting these bad habits in time to prevent pelvic inflammation has a specific help.

Which bad habits may cause pelvic inflammation?
1. Ignore menstrual hygiene
Menstruation is a phenomenon caused by endometrial detachment. At this time, not only the female's resistance is low, but also the blood sinus is in an expanded state, which means that the lower part of the female becomes a place for bacteria to breed. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene at this time, it will lead to the invasion of pathogenic bacteria into the reproductive tract. 
When an upward infection occurs, it will cause pelvic inflammation. Therefore, during menstruation, you should wash your private parts daily and change sanitary napkins frequently, especially not to have sex.
2. Don't like sports
Now, most women's work is relatively easy. They should complete it as long as they sit in front of the computer, which makes sedentary behavior become the norm for many young people, and makes women's immunity and resistance to diseases decline, leading to pathogenic bacteria taking advantage of the situation and causing various diseases, including pelvic inflammation. Therefore, women should develop the habit of regular exercise. After their resistance and immunity are improved, The probability of multiple conditions will naturally decrease.

3. Recurrent abortion
Nowadays, medical technology is very advanced, and even painless abortion can be selected during abortion surgery, which also leads many women to think that abortion is not a big deal, thus causing many women to have repeated abortions. It is unknown that this kind of behavior is likely to increase the incidence of pelvic inflammation because abortion surgery will cause some damage to the pelvic cavity. During the operation, bacteria may also invade the underside of women.
4. Wear tight pants
To pursue fashion, many women have the habit of wearing tight pants. They think that this can highlight their figure. However, they do not know that such behavior will put the pelvic cavity in a state of oppression and hinder the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity. As time goes by, it will increase the probability of pelvic inflammation. Therefore, it is better to choose breathable and loose underwear.
5. Ignore diet
Some women think youth is capital, so they eat all kinds of food, including spicy and cold food, such as frozen food. Who knows that these foods will not only stimulate the pelvic cavity but also affect the blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, which may eventually lead to pelvic inflammation. Therefore, even when young, they should pay attention to their usual diet, try to eat warm food, and keep their lower abdomen warm.
Therefore, women should correct these bad habits in daily life. Once infected with pelvic inflammation, active treatment is required. In addition to antibiotics, patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine methods, such as Fuyan Pill. 
Fuyan Pill focuses on syndrome differentiation in treating pelvic inflammation, mainly promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, relieving pain, and strengthening the body. At the same time, it can improve the ability of patients to resist bacteria and reduce the probability of recurrence.
Not only do women pay no attention to personal hygiene, but also excessive cleaning can lead to pelvic inflammation. Therefore, women should avoid using some drugs in their private places at ordinary times, such as washing with various lotions or using various disinfectants indiscriminately. Otherwise, the acid-base balance in their secret places will be broken, and beneficial bacteria will be destroyed, leading to inflammation. After the upward infection, pelvic inflammation may occur. 
Therefore, when there is no discomfort, you can wash the private places with warm water. If you feel unwell, you should also use lotion or disinfectant under the guidance of your doctor.
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