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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Prevention: Start with These Four Life Details

Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is a common gynecological disease. Although it is not a severe disease, it will do great harm to women's health and even lead to infertility when it is serious. Through research, it was found that the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease was related to bad living habits. Therefore, preventing pelvic inflammatory disease has become a modern urgent universal knowledge.

If you want to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease, you should start with the details of life.

1. A light diet
Usually, you should eat more nutritious and light foods, such as eggs, tofu, red beans, spinach, etc., which can provide the body with the nutrients it needs without any stimulation. Avoid eating cold, spicy, and stimulating food, such as ice cream, chili, mustard, ginger, etc. Otherwise, the pelvic cavity will be congested, and there will always be inflammation over time.
2. Pay attention to menstrual health care
During menstruation, you should frequently change your underwear and sanitary napkin to avoid pelvic inflammatory disease caused by bacterial or bacterial infection. In addition, you should avoid getting cold and overwork because women have poor immunity at this time and are vulnerable to cold and pathogenic bacteria.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene
Women should pay special attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times to keep their private parts clean and dry. It is recommended to wash the vulva with warm water every night, but you should avoid washing the vagina. Otherwise, it will damage the vaginal flora and increase the incidence of vaginitis. In addition, you should change your underwear frequently and choose loose and pure cotton underwear, which can not only avoid the infection of pathogenic bacteria but also avoid the damp and hot private parts, reducing the chance of infection.
4. Do proper exercise
If you want to reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease, you should also improve your resistance and immunity. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should take time to do appropriate sports, such as running, swimming, and so on. Even at home, you can do some proper exercises, such as twisting your waist and pressing your legs or doing yoga.
Because patients with the pelvic inflammatory disease are on the rise in life, more and more people are treating them. It is essential to treat pelvic inflammatory disease in time. Delaying treatment for several days may increase the risk of tubal infection or infertility.
Pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly caused by bacterial infection, so it should be treated with antibiotics in time. Common antibiotics for the pelvic inflammatory disease include penicillin, gentamycin, clindamycin, etc. Because the pathogenic bacteria of pelvic inflammatory disease are complex, it is better to combine different antibiotics to achieve the best therapeutic effect. Chronic patients can choose Fuyan Pill. It can continue to sterilize and will not produce drug resistance, nor will it bring harmful effects to the body.
Warm tips:
Women should be careful when losing weight. First, find the right way to lose weight instead of dieting. Dieting to lose weight will cause malnutrition and make the body extremely weak. Over time, it will lead to a sharp decline in immunity, increase the probability of various types of infection, and even cause pelvic inflammation in severe cases.
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