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Can Men Being Too Rough During Sex Cause Abdominal Pain In Women?

Sex life is closely related to every adult males and females, but many people always have problems with their sex lives. Some women experience abdominal pain during sex, and they suspect that it is caused by their male partners pushing too hard.

So, can a man push too hard during sex cause abdominal pain in a woman?

A man who is overly rough during intercourse may cause discomfort to the female pelvic organs, such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, which can cause abdominal pain. This can be helped by massage. Secondly, the process of exertion during sexual intercourse may also cause discomfort and stimulation of the pelvic muscles, resulting in muscle spasms and vague abdominal pain, which can be improved by applying hot compresses. In addition, excessive force during intercourse may cause damage to the cervix or endometrium, resulting in discomfort and pain. Therefore, men and women are advised to avoid strenuous activities during intercourse to minimize injury, while women should take rest.

However, it is worthwhile for women to be alert to the fact that apart from this cause of appeal, there may be other factors that cause women to have abdominal pain during intercourse.


1. Physiological Structure of Women: the base of the female urethra and bladder is close to the vagina, and the uterus and adnexa are more closely related to the vagina, making them susceptible to external pressures and biological factors. When the sexual organs are congested, the pelvic tissues will undergo varying degrees of stress, contraction, or spasm, causing abdominal pain. This occurs most often in people having sexual intercourse for the first time and can be gradually reduced later.

2. Too Long Sex: If sex lasts too long, the persistent sexual impulse will lead to prolonged pelvic congestion, which may also cause female pelvic stasis syndrome and abdominal pain. Appropriate changes in position during sex, such as switching to a side-lying position, are conducive to the flow of pelvic blood, which in turn relieves the symptoms.

3. Gynecological Inflammation: Pelvic inflammatory diseases, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, etc., will lead to persistent pain in women's lower abdomen, which is aggravated by local stimulation and congestion due to sexual intercourse. This pathologic symptom can be easily distinguished from the previous ones, i.e., the pain will last for a long time and will not be relieved with the end of sexual intercourse. Women can also go to the hospital for a gynecological examination to clarify the cause.

4. Problems with Semen: Painful intercourse in women during pregnancy is mostly caused by semen. As the prostaglandins in semen will cause uterine contractions in women, especially those who are pregnant, which will not only cause abdominal pain but may even result in preterm labor or miscarriage. Therefore, abstain from intercourse during pregnancy. Some women are allergic to men's semen or condoms, causing generalized allergies and allergic abdominal pain. Changing the method of contraception will stop abdominal pain from occurring.

5. Rupture of the Corpus Luteum: If severe abdominal pain occurs suddenly, it may be caused by a rupture of the corpus luteum. Mature follicles and corpus luteum can suddenly rupture after being squeezed and vibrated, causing severe abdominal pain or abdominal bleeding. This situation should seek medical attention without delay.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid rough movements during sex. If a woman has stomach pain on a regular basis, it cannot be ruled out that it is caused by gynecological inflammation, and it is necessary to do a pelvic ultrasound to determine whether it is caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or endometritis, adnexitis, and other diseases.

If the abdominal pain is caused by inflammation, it is recommended to apply hot compresses locally, and women are advised to take anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, heat-removing, and dampness-removing medicines to improve the symptoms, such as traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill. Patients can also do localized pelvic physiotherapy or herbal enema treatment; during the treatment period, they can not have sexual intercourse.

In summary, female abdominal pain during sexual intercourse may be caused by the man exerting too much force, or the woman may be suffering from gynecological inflammation or other reasons. If women experience such symptoms, it is best to seek timely medical attention to identify the cause and take target treatment to improve the quality of their sex lives and restore their health.

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