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Treatment of Hydrosalpinx With The Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. The medicine to treat hydrosalpinx:


The best medicine to cure hydrosalpinx is traditional chinese medicine! The method of using "Fuyan Pill" does not need to coordinate with Western medicine treatment. Long-term use of western medicine will bring drug resistance , so it is not an appropriate treatment for hydrosalpinx which is caused by chronic salpingitis. And surgical treatment will damage women's fallopian tube. Even if the surgery could eliminate the accumulation of fluid, but due to the incomplete controll of salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, the stimulus of these two kinds of inflammations will result in the accumulation of fluid within the tube again. Only"Fuyan Pill"a traditional Chinese medicine, can not only eliminate inflammation completely but also clear the fallopian tube, and as a result the accumulated fluid within the tube is eliminated , without any damage for fallopian tubes and any aftereffect. Chinese medicine treatment is the root of the problem. It can be concluded that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine focuses on relieving the primary symptoms of diseases.


This article is to report the treatment of hydrosalpinx, inflammation stimulate fallopian tube and lead to hydrosalpinx. fallopian tube is not damaged by fibrosis and harding. Traditional Chinese medicine can treat chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and salpingitis that reached the effect of eliminating hydrosalpinx and curing infertility. Many patients will be pregnant after they received treatment for one month. Concerning about the Chinese medicine treatment is the hope of patients.


2. Causes of Hydrosalpinx


The first reason is that tubal adhesions and close are caused by salpingitis, leakage of fluid of the fallopian tube lumen accumulated gradually and formed hydrosalpinx. The second is that hydrosalpinx is caused by the change in tubal empyema. Our medicine can reached the effect of that the original pus and dead tissue of lumen are decomposed and swallowed, pus gradually become clear. The last reason is that chronic salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.


All in all, hydrosalpinx is a pathological product of chronic inflammatory disease and salpingitis. Hydrosalpinx generally have no symptoms. But the following symptoms also occur in some patients: it include pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area and a Vaginal discharge. but sometimes there are no physical symptoms. Some women only discover they have a blocked tube because of trying to conceive and not being able to.


Western medicine uses hydrotubation, HSG, and laparoscopic surgery to cure tubal blockage and infertility. However, this method have a high recurrence rate, many patients reflect fallopian tube was opened after doing operation ,particularly Laparoscopy. However, Patients are still not pregnant after 3 months. What are the reasons? Because of that patients do hydrotubation, laparoscopic surgery in the case of inflammation was not eliminated.


Although the operation was successful and fallopian tubes was cleared. However, inflammation will stimulate oviduct and produce hydrosalpinx, adhesion, blocking again which due to infertility. On the other hand, these operations can also bring about hydrosalpinx, adhesions. Patients can only hope to do in vitro fertilization, but also a low success rate for IVF. Therefore, we face the difficult problem of the medical profession is how to cure salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease and kill all bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mycoplasma and chlamydia. If this issue is resolved, it will be able to successfully overcome female infertility.


3. How does traditional Chinese medicine treat hydrosalpinx


1) The medicine of invigorating the spleen to promote micturition for curing abnormal vaginal discharge: abnormal vaginal discharge is a barometer of gynecological diseases, chinese medicine is an ancient medicine, at that time it is subject to the restrictions of medical conditions, the doctors barely to understand the symptoms of patients with abnormal vaginal discharge, our method is based on ancient method, it emphasize tonifying the spleen and soothing the liver , stopping leucorrhea.


As modern doctor of traditional chinese medicine, I can more clearly understand the illness through modern medicine. I can understand the bacteria of the patients were infected through the inspection of western, such as Gonococcus,mycoplasma, chlamydia, fungi, staphylococcus aureus and mycobacterium tuberculosis. I also can understand the situation of fallopian tube was infected. I combine the test result of Western medicine into the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and use it to guide using clinical medicine. I will have a more complete prescription through it and reach the magical effect of curing hydrosalpinx and female infertility.


2) The medicine of clearing heat and detoxifying to cure hydrosalpinx: we understand the hydrosalpinx is the infection of bacteria and pathogens. I use the medicine of clearing heat and detoxifying based on the ancient method which can kill the all bacteria, pathogens, mycoplasma within 3months and Chlamydia will become negative. Finally, the medicine can reach the effect of eliminating hydrosalpinx. Some patients is pregnant after treatment one month. But I suggest that patients received contraceptive treatment at least 2-3 months. Because of patients is pregnant after the complete elimination of inflammation, which is more secure.


3) The medicine of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis and softening hardness to dissipate stagnation to cure hydrosalpinx: the medicine of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis can eliminate these symptoms of lower abdominal pain, bulge,and lumbago.


4. How does traditional chinese medicine cure hydrosalpinx , effusion and empyema


We know that the organization of fallopian tube is very small, hydrosalpinx and adhesion is a very small lesion. However, the view of western-style doctor is that any western medicine can not reach the site of fallopian tube. Chinese medicine has its unique effect, because the lesion of tubal blockage is small, it is very simple to cure hydrosalpinx with chinese medicine. Some patients with infertility for many years is pregnant after taking this chinese medicine for one month.


1) As long as some patients are diagnosed as hydrosalpinx infertility by checking. It dose not need to do tubal water, HSG and laparoscopic surgery. Using chinese medicine to cure the disease can reach the magical effect of eliminating hydrosalpinx and clearing the fallopian tube.


2) If fallopian tube have the symptoms of hydrosalpinx and adhesion again after patients do tubal water, HSG and laparoscopic surgery. These patients received treatment with herbal medicine which can reach the effect of eliminating hydrosalpinx and clearing the fallopian tube. Finally, it can cure the disease of female infertility successfully.

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