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Cure Hydrosalpinx with Traditional Chinese Medicine

After years study and research, Doc. Lee have successfully developed Fuyan Pill that can cure hydrosapinx effectively.

Fuyan Pill can clear heat and toxic material, and kill bacteria, virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia in three months, in order to cure hydrosalpinx.


Causes of hydrosalpinx

1.Abortion, sex with infected partner, and infection in the pelvic cavity would cause fallopian tube spindylosis, tubal edema, tubal blockage and lead to infertility.

2.Hydrops in fimbriated extremity is caused by bacteria or pathogen infection. The infiltration of WBC cause intima swelling, interstitial edema and effusion, the shed of mucous epithelium of fallopian tube. The fibrosis of tissues around, lesion in granulation tissue lead to fallopian tube spindylosis. The spindylosis and blockage of fallopian tube and the accumulation of effusion of tissue fluid would cause hydrosalpinx. Some of the symptoms are pain in abdomen, backache and excessive vaginal fluid.

3.Some of the hydrosalpinx is cuased by fallopian tube empyema. Pus cells in the tubes are eliminated by phagocyte, and necrotic tissue resolve.The fester become more and more watery, and that is the hydrops.

4. Inflammation would cause hydrops, spindylosis, and blockage. Some of the patients are asked to take a surgery to solve those problems. Their fallopian tubes would be unobstructed for that time. Patients are asked to contracept themselves for two months but most of them find themselves not pregnant after two months. And they find that they got hydrosalpinx again. That's mainly because the inflammation is not eliminated. So the problem that puzzle most of the specialists is how to radically cure the inflammation and kill bacteria, virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia. By solving this problem, the diseases can be cured.


Treatment of Hydrosalpinx

1.To eliminate abnormal vaginal fluid by the medicines that can tonify spleen and eliminate dampness: appearance of vaginal fliud reflect the health condition of women. Because traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of ancient medicine science since thousand of years ago, limited by the condition and science, doctors can cure gynecological diseases only judging from the appearance of vaginal fluid or some other thins. And they keep a concept that weakness in the spleen and the dampness would cause abnormal vaginal fluid, so they restrain vaginal fluid by tonify the spleen and eliminate dampness.

As a traditional Chinese doctor of the time, I can analysis diseases according to present medicine science. By testing in western medicine's method, I aware that patients are infected with gonococcus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, candida, GISA, tubercle bacillus and so on., and the lesion is caused by infection in the fallopian tube. I combine test result of western medicine and concept of traditional Chinese medicine together, to makeup a more comprehensive recipe, in order to cure hydrosalpinx and infertility.

2.To eliminate hydrops with medicines that can clear away heat and toxic material: since I know that hydrosalpinx is caused by infection of bacteria and pathogen, I use these medicines to kill bacteria, pathogen, mycoplasma and chlamydia, and cure hydrosalpinx in the end.

Medicines that can clear away heat and toxic material can eliminate blister, eczema, and ulcer of epidermis. There was a patient who had cankerous legs and the cankerous surface were like cut marks. Fluid flew from the cut mark and I had to hold the water with a salver. There was no method to cure him with western medicine so he ask me to cure him especially. I combinee four medicines that can clear away heat and toxic material, noursish the blood and eliminate chill together for him. And after taking my medicines for several days, he stopped watering and start to recover after 15 days. As a result, I put the same medicines into the recipe of Fuyan Pill to eliminate hydrops. Some of my patients with hydrosalpinx got pregnant after taking my pills for only one months. However, I suggest patients to contracept themselves and continue the medication for two to three months in order to eliminate the inflammation radically.

3.To eliminate symptoms with medicines that can promote blood circulation and dissipate stagnation: medicines that can promote blood circulation can eliminate pain in abdomen and backache. At the same time, because there is a infiltration of WBC causing intima swelling, fibrosis of tissues around, and the lesion in granulation tissue, medicines that can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, dissipate stagnation are necessary, in order to eliminate the swelling and fibrosis.


Cure hydrosalpinx with traditional Chinese medicine

1.If the patients are diagnose with hydrosalpinx, they don't have to do the surgery to cure it. Medication with traditional Chinese medicine can eliminate the hydrops and cure hydrosalpinx and infertility caused by hydrosalpinx.

2.For the patients who have already taken surgery and got hydrosalpinx again, medication with traditional Chinese medicine can eliminate the hydrops and cure hydrosalpinx and infertility caused by hydrosalpinx.



Mrs. Huang 32 years old 2008/7 Zhang Jia Jie, Hunan Province

She couldn't get pregnant for two years and was diagnosed with tubal blockage. She started to take Fuyan Pills since Auguse, 2008. She took a test one months later and found that she has already cured and preanant.

Mrs. Zhang 32 years old 2007/5 Hai Kou, Hainan Province

She couldn't get pregnant for 9 years. Her symptoms are: delay of menstruation, abnormal volume of menstrual blood and excessive vaginal fluid. One of her fallopian tube is blocked. She took Fuyan Pill for one months and then got pregnant. She said it was a miracle.


For the patients want to buy our medicine: We have the recipe of Fuyan Pill, so we can send the merbal medicines to you, or we can send the pills made by the medicines and it would be more convenient to take them (processing of the pills is for free).


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