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How to Cure Tubal Blockage with Fuyan Pill

 The most important reason of bring about female infertility is tubal blockage. Tubal blockage is caused by infection, damage ,abortion and so on. Which make it is so difficult to cure. The situation that pathogen diversity, the gradually increasing rate of non-inflammatory lesion, and ecologic imbalance caused by long-term taking drugs irregularly are come up with a new topic for clinical research of tubal infertility. Patients have some myths in the course of curing infertility which delay the timing of treatment. This a factor that can not be ignored. Salpingitis is more common in infertile women, the reason of salpingitis is caused by infection of pathogen. Pathogen is mainly caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus, escherichia coli, gonococcus, bacillus proteus, pneumococci and chlamydia. The most vulnerable time of infection is postpartum period, post-abortion and post menstrua. The birth canal ,placental detachment surface and endometrial denudation surface is injuried in the period of childbearing and abortion which are the path that pathogen infect genital organ. Sometimes, the infection is caused by relaxed sterile surgical procedure, such as the placement of IUD, Dilation & Curettage; hydrotubation; HSG and so on. Frequent sex life and sex in the Menstrual period are also bring about infection which lead to salpingitis. A small number of patients’salpingitis is due to the inflammation of adjacent organs spread to fallopian tube. Such as appendicitis or other spot’s infection.

The treatment of the Western medicine such as injection, infusion, the surgery for the blocked circulation of fluid and so on are totally unnecessary for the treatment of this disease. Long-term use of Western medicine will bring drug resistance , so it is not an appropriate treatment for tubal blockage which is caused by inflammation. And surgical treatment will damage women's fallopian tube. Even if the surgery could eliminate the accumulation of fluid, but due to the incomplete controll of salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, the stimulus of these two kinds of inflammations will result in the accumulation of fluid within the tube again. Only Fuyan Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine,can not only eliminate inflammation completely but also clear the fallopian tube , and as a result the accumulated fluid within the tube is eliminated , without any damage for fallopian tubes and any aftereffect. Chinese medicine treatment is the root of the problem. It can be concluded that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine focuses on relieving the primary symptoms of diseases.

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