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Best Treatment Of Tubal Blockage

1. The clinical observation in curing tubal blockage


(1) Fallopian tube is passable but poor, there are three factors attributing to this situation .The first is tubal blockage caused by tube debris, exfoliated cells, or blood clots, the second is that fallopian tube is so thin and crooked, the third is fallopian tube and pelvic wall or it's adjacent organs are adhered which stretching the activities of the fallopian tube.
(2) These symptoms of tubal blockage and adhesion, fallopian tube uplift and fallopian tube bending are caused by pelvic inflammatory disease. As the fallopian tube is damaged to a lesser extent, most of the fallopian tube of patient is normal.

In the condition of above that two kinds of light symptoms, after patients taking "Fu Yan pill"for about 2 months ,their B-inspection will be normal, the disease can be cured completely, some patients is pregnant after they taking the medication for about one month.


The fallopian tube, which faces the two sides of outerus horn, outer end free,and closes to the ovary, is not only transmission channel of egg, but also the the upstream channel of sperm. Fallopian tube is a very small organization, it's long from 6 to 12 cm, width less than 0.5 centimeters. When the sperm into the interstitial department of fallopian tube, which is the site of bonding uterus and fallopian tubes, and then enter the isthmus of oviduct. The sperm through the isthmus to reach the ampulla of oviduct and meet with the egg. The fertilized egg absorb the nutrition that oviduct epithelial cells have secreted and developed, Fertilized egg move into the uterine cavity drivened by synchronous squirm that between the fallopian tubes and uterus, However, if any period of fallopian tube was ill , sperm and eggs can not be met, fertilized egg didn't absorb nutritious and can not reach the uterus that leading to infertility. In addition, the fallopian tube will be stretched and oppressed by endometriosis, ovarian malignancy and uterine fibroids that making the fallopian tube have the situation of deformation and ectopy which result in female infertility.


2.Causes of tubal blockage


Inflammation brings about hydrosalpinx, tubal fluid, tubal empyema, tubal adhesion, fallopian tube uplift and tube bending which make tubal blockage and lead to infertility.


Proximal tubal blockage is mainly cause of that vaginitis and cervicitis ascend and infect Fallopian tube; Distal tubal adhesions and the section of umbrella of tubal adhesions is caused by the bacteria within the pelvic cavity infect the section of umbrella. Ampulla umbrella side should be free, adhesion between the oviduct ampulla,umbrella-side and the pelvic wall that due to fallopian tube uplift, tube bending and tubal adhesion which lead to fallopian tube paralysed. Fallopian tube without the function of grasping eggs, the egg can not enter the fallopian tube that leading to infertility.


3.Symptoms of tubal blockage


Symptoms of tubal blockage include irregular menstruation, lower abdominal pain, abdominal distention, perineal bulge, fever, an increase in vaginal discharge and irregular vaginal bleeding.


4. Causes of salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease


(1)Some people have infection in menstrual period, abortion and puerperium, for exampel, she do not pay attention to health in menstrual period,or having sexual activity in menstrual period.

(2)Gonococcal infection is the main reason of acute tubal ovarian inflammation.

(3)Tuberculous salpingitis is caused by blood circulation. Other infectious diseases,such as suppurative tonsillitis, diphtheria, mumps, typhoid fever paratyphoid fever and scarlet that can be spread through blood line and bring about acute annexitis.

(4)The inflammation of organs that closed to fallopian tube has become serious. For example, appendicitis can be spread to the fallopian tube.

(5)Tubal oophoritis: ovary is closed to the fallopian tube, salpingitis can infect ovarian.that due to oophoritis. Therefore, oophoritis and salpingitis are often co-infected. It is called tubal ovarian inflammation.

(6) Pyosalpinx: Fallopian tubes on both sides of the remote locking due to the pus in Tubal cavity has accumulated and formed pyosalpinx.

(7) Tubal ovarian abscess: in the acute stage of salpingitis, Ovaries are infected by the inflammation of Serosal surface have spread or mesosalpinx and lymphatic vessel in mesovarium have spread. Which formed ovarian abscess. Tubal ovarian abscess and empyema are often obligated that formed tubal ovarian abscess.


5.Why hydrotubation, laparoscopy and test-tube often fail to completely treat tubal blockage?


Western medicine use these surgeries like hydrotubation, HSG, and laparoscopic to cure tubal blockage infertility. However, this method have a high recurrence rate, many patients reflect fallopian tube was opened after doing operation ,particularly Laparoscopy. However, Patients are still not pregnant after 3 months. What are the reasons? Because of that patients do hydrotubation, laparoscopic surgery in the case of inflammation was not eliminated. Although the operation was successful and fallopian tubes was cleared. However, inflammation will stimulate oviduct and produce hydrosalpinx, adhesion, blocking again which due to infertility. On the other hand, these operations can also bring about hydrosalpinx, adhesions. Patients can only hope to do in vitro fertilization, but also a low success rate for IVF. The root causes of the failure of these operations is that pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis and tubal blockage has not been eradicated, there are no favorable conditions for the uterus. so, the operation of IVF often failured. The key of treatment of tubal blockage infertility is to cure pelvic inflammatory disease and salpingitis.


Because of western medicine will produce resistance, it can not cure chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and tubal blockage of female infertility. Many western doctors would say that patients with tubal blockage have a small chance of pregnancy ,the probability is one ten-thousandth. that is to say, it is impossible to cure tubal blockage with western medicine, female infertility will be permanent infertility.


6. "Fuyan pill" radically cures tubal blockage


We know that the organization of fallopian tube is very small, hydrosalpinx and adhesion is a very small lesion. However, the view of western-style doctor is that any western medicine can not reach the site of fallopian tube. Chinese medicine has its unique effect, because the lesion of tubal blockage is small, it is very simple to cure hydrosalpinx with chinese medicine. Some patients with infertility for many years is pregnant after taking this chinese medicine for one month.


Tubal blockage infertility belongs to this category of traditional Chinese medicine of dysmenorrhea and menstruation. The hope of curing tubal blockage infertility is Chinese medicine. Herb recipe can kill bacteria. It can kill all bacteria, viruses and tubercle bacillus within three months or so.it can let these mycoplasma and chlamydia that was infected turn to negative within three months or so. My medicine has solved a worldwide problem, Chinese medicine is fully capable of curing pelvic inflammatory disease and salpingitis. Through the treatment of "Fuyan Pill" can achieve the desired effect of regulating menstruation and eliminating dysmenorrhea, Which it let the leucorrhea become normal and eliminate stagnant water, adhesive, purulent inflammation and so on. That is to say, it cured tubal blockage infertility of pyosalpinx, hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesions, tubal uplift and tube bending. Some patients with severe tubal blockage have to do laparoscopic surgery or test-tube surgery. However, only our traditional Chinese medicine can cure inflammation after the surgery and make these patients are pregnant finally.


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