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How to Cure Hydrosalpinx with TCM

Hydrosalpinx is a common type of chronic fallopian tube inflammation(salpingitis). When the inflammation cause adhesions or blockage of the tubes, exudates of mucosa cells stockpiles in the fallopian tube. This is the formation of hydrosalpinx.

At the acute period of salpingitis, lower abdominal pain may occur. When the fluid trapped in fallopian tube accumulates with time, the inflammation self-heals. When hydrosalpinx is found, sufferers often have no symptoms. The only performance is infertility.


Tubal fluid or obstruction is mainly caused by inflammation. On some of hydrosalpinx patients, there also is a PID( pelvic inflammatory disease). They also experience symptoms of PID, including lower abdominal pain, abdominal expanding, excessive vaginal fluid, lower back pain, etc.


According to the symptoms and causes of hydrosalpinx, a prescription is composed for eliminating tubal lesions and possible symptoms. In this prescription, some herbs can eliminate possible remained inflammation; also some herbs can dissipate hard lumps, in order to dissolve the obstructed or adhesive tissues; some herbs can promote Qi to release pain; some herbs can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, in order to expel the substance which used to be the obstructed or adhesive tissues. By these means, hydrosalpinx can be cured by appropriate herbal prescription. It is Fuyan Pill - non surgical treatmant for hydrosalpinx.

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